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Inside Dentistry
April 2023
Volume 19, Issue 4

The Solmetex System of Dental Water Solutions

1. Clean water. Use a Sterisil® Straw or Citrisil tablets to ensure that clean water flows through your water lines.

2. Clear lines. Use PowerScrub® to dissolve vacuum line debris and maintain clear lines for water to flow through.

3. Optimize equipment performance. Clean water and clear lines are crucial to keep handpieces running smoothly and for strong suction.

4. All from Solmetex. The only provider offering a complete end-to-end solution to ensure that every drop of water is a clean drop of water.

5. Superior customer care. Online compliance center provides real-time insights to alleviate the guesswork regarding US Environmental Protection Agency compliance.

When it comes to water in your practice, every drop matters. Solmetex is the only provider of an end-to-end water solution in dentistry, offering a comprehensive range of proven products, including Solmetex, Sterisil, and DryShield®, as well as expert support to ensure clean, healthy, and well-maintained water in, through, and out of the dental office. Our complete system of dental water products streamlines water management and boosts productivity and compliance.


Sterisil® Straw: two versions for distilled and municipal water provide ≤ 10 CFU/ml

Citrisil shock tablets: both white and blue (visual confirmation) tablets available in 1-liter and 2-liter sizes

PowerScrub® Vacuum Line Cleaner: Neutral pH between 6 and 8; intro kit contains 64-oz bottle and Sidekick Dispenser

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