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Inside Dentistry
September 2023
Volume 19, Issue 9

The First End-to-End Water Management Solution

Acquisitions of Sterisil and DryShield strengthen Solmetex’s position

Amy Gagne, RDH, knows that water management is not a favorite topic among dentists. Despite all of the attention being paid to it in recent years, compliance with dental water regulations does not increase production in a practice. It does not enhance clinical capabilities. What dentists want is an effective solution that is as simple as possible, and according to Gagne, Solmetex has set a new standard in that regard.

"Solmetex identified the need for an end-to-end water solution for dental practices," says Gagne, the company's vice president of clinical affairs and education. That need was met when Solmetex acquired Sterisil and DryShield, which allowed it to cover every step. Solmetex has been a pioneer in amalgam separation and recycling for decades, Sterisil offers the leading dental unit and source water products, and DryShield provides modern clinical isolation technology. "Many offices take water for granted," Gagne says, "but they use it on every patient. With outbreaks occurring around the world, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention frequently changing its guidelines, and many states updating their regulations, an end-to-end solution featuring market leaders at each step is very beneficial."

All of the products in the Solmetex line are designed to integrate well with one another, which helps not only to maximize efficacy but also to keep the entire process simple. "The companies that we acquired provide the highest quality with the lowest maintenance," Gagne says. "Simplicity saves time and also eliminates opportunities for error."

Sterisil, with its silver-based formulation, reduces the level of colony-forming units (CFUs) to 10, which is well below the 500-CFU requirement that many competitors aim for, and it does it in fewer steps. The straw does not need to be removed or wiped down. "You put the straw in, set it, and you do not need to worry about it for a whole year other than performing periodic testing and shocking," Gagne says. Meanwhile, DryShield not only reduces aerosols in the office but also offers cost savings with its autoclavable version.

Solmetex's online portal sends reminders about checking and replacing straws, containers, and canisters to help keep offices compliant. If any questions arise, their robust customer service team provides a one-stop shop. "You do not need to figure out whether to call the shock company or the straw company," Gagne says. "We have one team for the entire end-to-end solution."

The simplicity and efficacy of Solmetex's end-to-end solution allow dentists to focus their efforts on their clinical practice while being confident that they have the safest water possible. "Our mission is to help practices have clean, clear, healthy water and water systems that protect the patient, practitioner, practice, and environment," Gagne says. "We are the first to do this, and it is our sole focus. With the growing deterioration and inconsistency of public water, increasing regulation of water safety, and expanding mindfulness within dentistry regarding environmental impact, our solution helps the profession stay out in front."


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