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Inside Dentistry
August 2022
Volume 18, Issue 8

Premium Products Complement Extensive Education

Brasseler USA’s Evanesce™ Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative delivers high-quality results

Fred H. Peck, DDS

Fred H. Peck, DDS, is a third-generation dentist, but he never wanted to simply maintain the status quo at the family practice. "For my first couple of years, I was doing routine dentistry, but I knew that there was more out there that I wanted to do," Peck says. Attending a series at The Dawson Academy, taking courses taught by John C. Kois, DMD, MSD, and Frank Spear, DDS, MSD, and attending his first American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) meeting were watershed moments. "I got hooked," he says. "I have been a CE junkie ever since."

Peck graduated from The Dawson Academy in 1998, earned AACD accreditation in 2005, became a fellow of the International College of Dentists in 2007, completed the Kois Center curriculum in 2011, and achieved AACD fellowship in 2017. "These learning opportunities build on each other," he says of the various organizations. "You may like one way of doing something, but someone else might have a good idea that you end up preferring. You figure out what works best in your hands and in your office. Nobody should be tied to any one way of thinking; other philosophies and ideas should be considered and integrated. Some you may dismiss immediately, but others you may find to be helpful. It all builds toward making you a better dentist."

Over the years, Peck became an in-demand lecturer himself, graduating from local study clubs to regional and national meetings. He also began writing articles for various organizations and journals. "It was a lot of hard work behind the scenes for years," he says. "But I plugged away, knowing that there are greater, more rewarding things to do in dentistry to help patients."

Peck's private practice in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a high-end general dentistry practice. "I am well known in the area for the services that I provide, and I receive a lot of referrals from other dentists and specialists," he says. Peck's philosophy is to provide only the highest level of quality as opposed to different levels for different prices. "Some dentists offer choices between multiple types of crowns; I offer what I would put in my own mouth, and that's it," he says.

The composite that Peck would put in his own mouth is Evanesce Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative from Brasseler USA. His first experience with the product came as a beta tester when it was still in development, and he has depended on it ever since it was released. "Evanesce quickly became my go-to material," Peck says. "It handles great. It is easy to work with. I do not get any staining with it. The colors all work well together. It is an excellent product."

Evanesce is truly universal for both anterior and posterior composite restorations, and it features ideal, slump-free handling and beautiful shade matching to the VITA shade guide. It is also highly polishable for the ultimate in restorative esthetics. Peck particularly appreciates its ability to polish quickly. "I get the composite in basically the right shape, cure it, go over it with a Brasseler DET6F diamond bur to clean up the margins and reshape as necessary, and then use coarse and medium polishing discs for further shaping. If I need any facial anatomy, that is created with a Brasseler 8888.012 diamond bur at 2,500 RPM and smoothed with a pointed polisher. Once finished, the entire restoration is polished with Brasseler's BrioShine Feather Lite Universal Polishers for a great shine," he says. "That's it for most of these cases—just a couple of minutes."

Despite the speed with which the polishing can be accomplished, Peck has observed that Evanesce maintains its luster for an exceptionally long time. "My hygienists utilize aluminum oxide paste instead of prophy paste to polish up composites," he says. "When I see these restorations during future visits, they still look good. That shine is still there, so the hygienists do not need to go back and rebuild it. They just polish to remove any superficial stains. The longevity of the shine is important. If I see a composite that looks dull, I do not let the patient leave until I repolish it. That is my work that he or she is showing off, and I want it nice and shiny."

Evanesce blends so well that Peck can easily complete restorations with less shades than some other materials require. "In one recent case, I restored the tooth with just two shades of Evanesce, and I was able to block out the line," he says. "It required some esthetic adjustments at the end, but I was able to accomplish everything with two shades of Evanesce that blended perfectly into the tooth."

Evanesce is just one of the products from Brasseler USA that Peck uses to provide his patients with the highest level of quality. "They make high-end products," he says. "If I buy a bur from Brasseler, I know it is one of the best on the market." He also utilizes the Compo-Ject Compule Dispensing Gun, a unique metal tool that is designed to dispense all brands of composite compules. "I love it. I have one in all three of my rooms," he says. "It will not break because it is metal. If you only have one hand available, you can change the composite tip and the compule with one hand. You just turn the gun on its side, the old compule comes out, and you push the new compule in. You do not need to stop what you are doing."

Peck emphasizes that he cannot imagine using anything but premium materials and tools for his patients to complement the extensive education that he has worked so hard to attain. "It would be like going back to the Stone Age," he says. "I talk to friends who have sold their practices and are now required to use certain other products, and I could never do that." Evanesce, in particular, is one of the cornerstones of Peck's practice. "Composites are such a big part of what we do every day," he says. "You want something that blends into the tooth structure, is easy to polish, and keeps its polish, so it is wonderful to have such a high-quality material to use in order to accomplish my dentistry."

Key Points

Simple, strong, and beautiful, Evanesce is a nanohybrid composite with excellent, putty-like handling that will not slump.

Polishes fast to a high shine, and blends into natural dentition beautifully.

Often requires only a single shade or, in more complex cases, fewer layers of composite.

Provides an excellent shade match with options that include the most popular shades; 3 levels of opacity: Enamel (80%), Universal (85%), and Dentin (90%); and 3 non-VITA FX Enamel shades.

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