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Inside Dentistry
July 2022
Volume 18, Issue 7

The Premier Aligner Engineered for Precision, Comfort, and Esthetics

ClearCorrect™ helps general practice make orthodontics more accessible

One of the reasons why Michael G. Cohen, DDS, decided to follow his father into a career in dentistry was the opportunity to be in the healthcare field and provide a wide range of treatment options. "I liked the variety that dentistry offered," Cohen says. When he joined his father's practice, Lakeside Family Dental in Burlington, Ontario, immediately after graduating from dental school in 1989, he wanted to capitalize on that variety as much as possible. "My vision was for an ‘all-under-one-roof,' multidisciplinary office that offered the best care while still maintaining the ideals of a family practice," he says.

More than 3 decades later, Cohen has succeeded in fulfilling that vision. As a member of the International Association for Orthodontics, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, among other affiliations, his philosophy is based on arch development—treating "to the face" with an emphasis on total facial esthetics and minimal extractions. Lakeside, which has become the oldest existing dental practice in the city, provides all aspects of dentistry in house and prioritizes customer service and convenience. "The secret has been providing quality, affordable, and caring dentistry to our patients," Cohen says. "We have a reputation as honest, fair dentists who never overprescribe or overcharge. It is an overused term, but we really do ‘care.'"

The most significant specialty services that Lakeside provides are orthodontics and implants. "Being one of the first general practices to offer orthodontics at nonspecialist prices greatly expanded our reputation and notoriety," Cohen says. "We hope to continue to expand and grow the practice by providing cutting-edge care at an affordable price and offering exemplary customer service and convenience. More specifically, we intend to grow a full-scale orthodontic practice within the general practice until orthodontic treatment becomes my primary focus."

Cohen offers fixed orthodontics, but he has been providing clear aligner therapy as well for more than 20 years. A few years ago, he was becoming disillusioned with the service, quality, and price of the clear aligner partner he had been using when, by chance, he received an email introducing him to ClearCorrect, a Straumann Group brand that has helped hundreds of thousands of patients achieve better smiles over the course of more than 12 years.

All of the manufacturing and diagnostic knowledge that ClearCorrect uses in making clear aligners is based on research, experience, and feedback from dentists. The company's latest innovations include the efficient, user-friendly ClearPilot 4.0 software and new partnerships, including one with 3Shape that facilitates a seamless connection between ClearCorrect's open platform and 3Shape's TRIOS® intraoral scanners. ClearCorrect clear aligners utilize ClearQuartz, a tri-layer material that offers remarkable comfort, exceptional durability, optimal clarity, and extraordinary sustained force. They feature a smooth, unscalloped trim line that extends past the gingival margin, which research has shown makes them significantly more retentive than scalloped aligners and thus less likely to require attachments.

ClearCorrect aligners are manufactured in the United States with care and pride at the company's Center for Excellence in Texas and backed by real, human service from fully committed and highly trained support specialists who go the extra mile to help dentists succeed. To that end, ClearCorrect offers educational initiatives ranging from online offerings to live courses and workshops to help dentists hone their impression-making skills, navigate the digital platform efficiently, and more. "My experience with ClearCorrect has been outstanding," Cohen says. "Our ClearCorrect representative has been dedicated and passionate, the service has been great, and the product quality thus far has been superior to what we were using previously and at a better price point."

Cohen has switched from the intraoral scanner that his previous system required to the 3Shape Unite system with two TRIOS scanners. "We use them for ClearCorrect, of course, but also for other treatment modalities. We have integrated them into our multiple workflows," he says. "It is a huge advantage because patients love both the high-tech nature of the 3Shape system as well as how easy it is. There are no ‘goopy' impressions needed. It also creates efficiencies by negating the need for staff to spend time pouring, retaking, and sending impressions." Cohen has found incorporating the scanners into ClearCorrect's digital workflow to be easy. "Cases simply go directly to ClearCorrect, which makes case submissions efficient and very manageable," he says.

With any product or service, particularly one involving technology, support is critical, and Cohen emphasizes that ClearCorrect has been a strong partner. "I have been doing all aspects of orthodontics for 33 years, and of the three aligner companies that I have used, neither of the others compare with my experience with ClearCorrect and the level of support that our team has received from them and Straumann," he says. "They have demonstrated that they are good strategic partners who really want to provide a high-quality product and support their dentists to be the best that they can be."

With ClearCorrect's help, Cohen's practice is thriving as it approaches its seventh decade in business. "We continue to grow," he says, "while providing exemplary customer service and convenience to create a superior patient experience."

Key Points
The ATP38 Miracle device is simple to use with short and custom-made protocols that provide effective treatments.
Benefits include antiinflammatory, wound healing, and analgesic effects.
Applications include socket preservation procedures, periodontal surgery, and orthodontics as well as extraoral procedures for facial esthetics.


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