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Inside Dentistry
April 2022
Volume 18, Issue 4

Painless Injections Every Time

DentalVibe® promotes 15-second usage and new marketing initiatives

Dentistry does not need to hurt. These were the words of Steven G. Goldberg, DDS, inventor of the DentalVibe® injection comfort system. Since he developed the system in 2009, the company's quest has been to facilitate pain-free injections for as many dentists and patients as possible, and some of the most significant steps, both clinically and nonclinically, are being taken now in 2022.

"We are spreading the word to dentists about how to achieve nearly 100% effectiveness and to patients about how transformative the DentalVibe experience can be," says CEO Mark Lorberbaum.

The message to dentists concerns the results of a study being performed by Jason Goodchild, DMD, which seeks to confirm the optimal protocol for using the DentalVibe. Goodchild's testing involves three application time groups: using the DentalVibe for 0 seconds, using the DentalVibe for 10 to 12 seconds, and using the DentalVibe for 15 seconds. Although the study is ongoing, the early data have been positive.

"It has become clear that the longer the DentalVibe is applied before the injection is initiated, the better it works," emphasizes Goodchild. "There is no question in my mind so far. Nothing in medicine or dentistry is ever 100% or 0%, but from what I have seen, priming the injection area with the DentalVibe for 15 seconds definitely minimizes pain. When I have asked patients if they would like their injections to be handled this way in the future, most have said, ‘yes, absolutely.'"

Goodchild has been a believer in the gate control theory of pain and the notion of counter stimuli for several years. "This is not a gimmick," he says. "The science behind the concept is legitimate. The DentalVibe has always been a thoughtfully designed product, and I like that they are drilling down toward even more prescriptive instructions to give clinicians and patients a better chance of having a great experience."

According to Lorberbaum, the key is to ensure that every dentist using DentalVibe uses it correctly—for 15 seconds, with a light touch, and by injecting the needle within 3 mm of one of the prongs. "If all dentists knew that the DentalVibe works every time when applied for 15 seconds, they would never give a palatal injection without it," he says. "They know these injections hurt, and they see the patients' tears. We can make every injection pain-free."

To help achieve that goal, DentalVibe is trying to reach more dentists and patients with their message. One initiative is the directory at and the new mobile application associated with it. The application will show how many people have viewed the dentist's profile each month, how many sent a form to request an appointment, and how many calls came from the website. "We are putting the control of dentists' practices in the palm of their hands," Lorberbaum says.

Because digital marketing can be expensive for practices, DentalVibe wants to help drive patients through its own marketing. "We want to create a platform that makes it really easy for patients to discover ways to make their experiences better and then give them a direct way to encourage their dental providers to get this technology and to use this technology," says Jason Weddle, SEO project manager for Ignite Visibility, which has spearheaded the new marketing initiatives. "We are using data-driven approaches to marketing. There is a proven, tested market and significant interest in what this product can do."

With the refined usage protocol and these new marketing advantages, Goldberg's goal of pain-free dentistry for all with the help of DentalVibe seems within reach.

"They have integrated user feedback, and they work within the paradigm of facilitating better, safer, faster, and perhaps even easier injections for dentists and our patients," Goodchild says. "When we can do that, it is a win-win. This is a really thoughtful product that anyone who has problems with injection pain or fear should consider."

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