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Inside Dentistry
December 2022
Volume 18, Issue 12

A Reputation for Comfortable Injections

DentalVibe® helps dentist provide patients with optimal experiences

Tadeu Szpoganicz, DMD

ClearWave Dental & Aesthetics in Coral Springs, Florida, is a reflection of its owner in many ways. Tadeu Szpoganicz, DMD, was born in Texas, raised in Brazil, and educated in Spain as the son of a university professor. Growing up, he enjoyed woodworking and arts and crafts, and was inspired by his grandfather and uncle who were both dentists. "I saw different ways of life and of dentistry," he says. When Szpoganicz eventually attended Boston University's Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, he did so at a time when the school was in the midst of adopting digital technologies. "I learned a lot of the traditional analog techniques but also a lot of the modern digital techniques," he says. "I was able to experience both worlds, which made me curious about technology. It made me want to look into what other technologies were out there that could help create better patient experiences."

Ultimately, Szpoganicz purchased a solo family practice from a dentist who had been in the community for approximately 35 years. He retained all of the staff but also modernized the practice with digital radiography, cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), intraoral scanning, 3D printing, and more. "The ability to study airways or existing bone in three dimensions or to instantaneously provide a patient with a smile simulation while discussing potential aligner therapy makes me a better dentist," he says.

One of Szpoganicz's favorite devices is one that his sister Rafaela, who is also a dentist, discovered at a conference several years ago: the DentalVibe®. This unique tool uses gentle vibration to overload the nerve that sends pain signals to the brain so that patients do not register the pain or discomfort of oral injections. In addition, the vibration helps to disperse the anesthesia once it is injected so that it can work even faster, and the sound of the device provides an added distraction for patients to focus on. The DentalVibe is cordless, handheld, and easy to use.

Although Szpoganicz's sister quickly began using the DentalVibe on all of her patients, what really caught her brother's attention was when she used it during a full-mouth reconstruction on their grandmother. "According to my mother, who was sitting right next to her, she asked when my sister was going to anesthetize her even though she had already been injected," Szpoganicz says. "It was eye-opening because she never even felt the injection." Szpoganicz himself now has five DentalVibes—one for each operatory. He even purchased one for a periodontist to whom he frequently refers patients. "I wanted to ensure that my patients are being well taken care of and exposed to a very comfortable technique," he says.

The DentalVibe works best when the injection is administered within 3 mm of the device's prongs, which should be applied with a light touch for 15 to 25 seconds. "When it's done properly," Szpoganicz says, "the patient does not feel the needle. It is a fairly intuitive device, so it is easy to use it correctly."

Szpoganicz notes that the addition of the DentalVibe has been transformative for his practice. "So many people put off dental treatment because of a fear of needles or pain," he says. "Anesthetics are necessary so that patients do not feel any pain while we do our work, but they often need to be administered in areas with a lot of nerve endings. All patients feel the discomfort of injection, even if they say that they are not fearful of the needle. Having a device that vibrates right at the injection site prior to insertion of the needle to scramble the pain fibers to the point that they are so occupied with this vibration that the patient does not feel the injection is just invaluable. Patients definitely notice the difference." Szpoganicz uses the DentalVibe for every injection that he administers; however, he finds it particularly helpful for palatal ones. "That is a very uncomfortable injection, so we always try to prepare patients emotionally for it," he says. "With the DentalVibe, several patients have commented that they felt pressure but nothing like what we warned them they might feel. That is unheard of, and it would not be possible without the DentalVibe." Many patients have had prior experiences with painful injections and/or other techniques that attempt to minimize the pain, such as shaking the face or using a mirror to create other discomfort in the mouth. "With the mirror, the goal is to distract the patient by making something hurt differently than the needle, but something still hurts," Szpoganicz says. "The DentalVibe just delivers the sensation of vibration and then you are numb. It really is a game-changer. Some patients have commented that they have undergone dental work throughout their lives and never knew that an injection could be so comfortable."

As one might expect with a device such as this, stories of the pain-free anesthesia that you provide will spread organically by word of mouth to bring new patients to the practice. "The ability to provide comfortable injections builds trust among patients," Szpoganicz says. "Typically, those patients become very loyal and refer their friends and family to you. I have experienced countless instances of this." In addition, DentalVibe drives more new business to practices with its Pain-Free Dentists locator website and application. "This is an invaluable tool to drive patients who are looking for comfortable injections to your practice," Szpoganicz says. "As DentalVibe continues to advertise it more, it will become a significant referral base. And who does not want to bring new patients into the practice?"

As a company, DentalVibe's commitment to continue providing the best product possible has impressed Szpoganicz as well. "Just when I thought that the DentalVibe could not get any better, they improved the vibration," he says. That kind of commitment to excellence and providing the best technology for optimal patient experiences is exactly what Szpoganicz wants his practice to be known for in the community. "I want to provide the very best experience for my patients, and the DentalVibe helps me to do that," he says. "Using the DentalVibe says a lot about you as a dentist and what differentiates you from your competition."

Key Points

• Approximately 40 million Americans refuse to visit the dentist because of their fear of needles.

• Applying the DentalVibe within 3 mm of the injection site with a light touch for 15 to 25 seconds eliminates the pain of injection.

• DentalVibe utilizes social media and search engine optimization to drive patients to practices that offer it via a Pain-Free Dentists locator website and application.



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