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Inside Dentistry
August 2021
Volume 17, Issue 8

Advanced Technology and Treatment Offerings

Marika Dekanoidze, DDS, on ClearCorrect™

I began integrating clear aligners into my practice in 2003, and I have had a passion for it ever since. My passion for providing clear aligners to patients in my own practice has since evolved into a passion for teaching other clinicians how to provide advanced clear aligner therapy.

My journey with clear aligners began from the ground up. I've used poured models and vacuum formed aligners, minor tooth movement appliances, and more. However, I've always thought that a system that general practitioners could easily utilize in their practices was missing from what was being offered in the industry. As general practitioners, we needed a system that would connect all of the components of our complex practices to deliver superior care to patients without requiring us to work crazy hours. When Straumann acquired ClearCorrect, I was ecstatic and knew that it was going to be the system that we needed. Straumann already had a great reputation with implant dentistry, and I was certain that they would bring that reputation to the world of orthodontics. Sure enough, I wasn't disappointed.

From the release of ClearPilot, the company's digital treatment design tool, to the development of ClearQuartz, a new state-of-the-art, tri-layer clear aligner material, ClearCorrect's advancements have made aligner therapy easier and more effective than ever before. With these tools, superior scanners and scanning abilities, as well as the availability of dental monitoring software powered by artificial intelligence, a complete ecosystem is at providers' fingertips. The technology helps with treatment planning and providing exceptional care, but we live in a consumer-driven universe where patients expect technology, so it also helps with treatment acceptance. Patients respond very positively when I offer them ClearCorrect treatment as a solution.

Overall, my experience working with ClearCorrect has been extremely positive. The company provides excellent support to the doctors and teams who use their products as well as pricing solutions to fit all case types. In addition, ClearCorrect has partnered with orthobrain® to offer Mentor TPS, which provides personalized assistance directly to the doctors. I wish I had this much support back when I first started offering clear aligner therapy.

It is understandable that some clinicians may feel a bit apprehensive about the rapid development of digital technology in dentistry, but make no mistake, in orthodontics, as well as in dentistry as a whole, there is as much art as there is science, so there will always be a need for good visionary doctors. When I think about what can be accomplished with ClearCorrect aligner therapy, I think of science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke's third law that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Key Takeaways

1. With a strong price/performance ratio, smart training options, and aligners made in the United States, ClearCorrect provides more accessibility to clinicians and patients

2. ClearCorrect aligners are made with ClearQuartz, an advanced tri-layer material optimized for comfort, flexibility, force, and stain resistance

3. ClearCorrect is dentist-friendly by nature because the company was founded by a dentist in 2006

4. ClearCorrect team members are highly trained and go the extra mile to help clinicians succeed

Marika Dekanoidze, DDS
LEMALÂ Franchising
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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