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Inside Dentistry
July 2021
Volume 17, Issue 7

Predictable Clear Aligners Ensure Patient Satisfaction

SureSmile® Aligners from Dentsply Sirona meet SoCal standards

Shivi Gupta, DMD

Shivi Gupta, DMD, settled in Southern California for the perfect weather and breathtaking coastal views. Originally from Canada, Gupta and her husband moved in search of a warmer climate. Their first stop was Texas, where she completed a residency in San Antonio, but their next move would take them to sunny San Diego, where she would go on to build a thriving dental career.  "This place is just amazing," says Gupta, owner of Scripps Rock Dental. "The sun is always shining, and the people really do want to look their best. Their teeth are a part of that, and they want their smiles to be not only healthy, but also beautiful, straight, and white."

At Scripps Rock Dental, Gupta and her team provide a boutique-style experience. Prior to becoming an owner, she worked as an associate at a few different practices, so she had a good idea of what she wanted her practice to look like. "As an associate, I got to see firsthand how different offices were run, and this experience allowed me to become a more versatile business owner," Gupta says. "The most important element of our practice is exceptional customer service and patient care. Our office has a rock and roll theme, and our main goal is to make people feel comfortable—and maybe even have a little fun."

That atmosphere is partly created by maintaining a positive workplace culture among the staff. Another part of it is staying on the cutting edge of technology.

"We have adopted new technology from the beginning," Gupta says, "and that has catapulted our practice's success. We have a fully integrated CAD/CAM practice, and we stay up to date with every new software release."

Of course, one of the most popular and in demand services today is clear aligner therapy. Gupta has been providing clear aligners to her patients for 18 years now, and for the past 2 years, she has been exclusively using SureSmile® Aligners. After purchasing a Primescan intraoral scanner from Dentsply Sirona, she did a deep dive into the company's aligners and decided to give them a try.

"From our first case with SureSmile, my assistant and I were both amazed by the fit of the aligners and the way that the cases progressed," Gupta says.

SureSmile aligners are made from Essix® ACE plastic—a virtually invisible material that facilitates anatomically correct tooth movement and clinical versatility, even for complex cases. After uploading patient records into the open architecture platform, clinicians can specify detailed preferences or simply rely on the expertise of the SureSmile technicians. With 20 years of experience in digital orthodontic planning, SureSmile ensures outstanding initial setups, and the doctors report making up to 50% less refinements when compared with other brands.1 They also provide direct access to technical and system support as well as virtual or in-person training.

"My top priority was for the system to be fully integrated into my digital practice," Gupta says, "so the fact that cone-beam computed tomography scans can be verified and utilized as part of the process helps with treatment planning. The SureSmile team really understands how to set up their treatment plans. As a result, you get well fitting, precise aligners, which in turn gives you a predictable course of treatment."

Predictability with clear aligner treatment is critical for several reasons, starting with patient satisfaction. Gupta says that the No. 1 question asked by patients is how long the treatment will take. "I can confidently provide them with a reliable treatment window that is relatively short because I know that there will be minimal need for refinement at the end," she says. "That is important for me as well because chair time is so valuable. Avoiding refinements means more profitability for my practice."

Another important factor for patients is the appearance of the aligners. According to Gupta, because of the material and the design, SureSmile aligners require fewer attachments than other systems. "That is a big deal for my patients," she says. "They choose aligners over brackets because of the appearance, but aligners from other companies have so many attachments that they are very noticeable."

Comfort is another area in which SureSmile delivers for the patient. "These aligners fit so well that the comfort of wearing them is unparalleled," Gupta says.

Gupta emphasizes that Dentsply Sirona is a reliable and responsive partner for practices that offer SureSmile aligners. "They really listen to their customers: the dentists," she says. "They want to constantly improve. They are always trying to figure out how to make the SureSmile platform more user friendly and provide us with what we need."

The result is a tool that helps Gupta provide her patients with that boutique experience that has the practice thriving. "When patients are satisfied with their treatments," she says, "they talk about it in the community. They talk about me, about the practice, and about SureSmile. That drives more new patients to our practice and helps us continue to succeed and provide the best options that dentistry has to offer."


1. Keim RG, Vogels DS, Vogels PB. 2020 JCO study of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment procedures part 1: results and trends. J Clin Orthod. 2020;54(10):581-610. SureSmile Aligner refinements - data on file (2020).

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