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Inside Dentistry
June 2019
Volume 15, Issue 6

Excellent Retention With Less Maintenance

Luis Infante, DDS, on the LOCATOR R-Tx®

I have been working as a prosthodontist and an educator in the prosthodontics section of a faculty dental practice in New Orleans, Louisiana, since 2008, where I attend to the needs of patients who require everything from simple treatments to full-mouth rehabilitations. I have been fortunate to be able to practice and educate using some of the best technology and products available.

I use the LOCATOR R-Tx® Removable Attach-ment Sys-tem from Zest Dental Solutions for complete and partial implant-retained removable overdentures. The R-Tx system is especially useful for removable partial denture cases in which patients have high esthetic demands and object to the use of visible metal clasps. It is also very useful in removable partial denture cases where the abutments are periodontally compromised and an alternative retention modality is required as well as for the retention of maxillofacial prostheses where other forms of retention are inadequate or where additional retention is required.

Not only does the LOCATOR R-Tx produce great clinical results, it has also simplified my practice a great deal. Being able to rely on one system to service the retention needs of different types of restorations in different clinical situations is very practical.

One aspect of the LOCATOR R-Tx that I have found most useful in my practice is the angle-correction feature of the system. Not having to rely on angle-correction abutments reduces the clinical complexity of certain cases and helps minimize chair time. This has been a positive for both me and my patients, who have been thrilled with my ability to provide implant-retained prostheses that satisfy both their retention needs and esthetic expectations-even in situations with compromised implant angulations. In addition, the nylon retention inserts, which can pivot inside their housings, help reduce the wear and tear on the system, especially for those patients who habitually "bite" their prostheses into place. This decreases the need for maintenance, and reducing the number and frequency of maintenance appointments is another way that this product helps streamline my practice.

An investment in this system is well justified, particularly owing to its simplicity and versatility. All of the components that you require for delivering the abutment and picking up the inserts are conveniently packaged in a single vial. Maintenance procedures for the system are very simple and most commonly involve changing the nylon inserts with a dedicated tool.

With the LOCATOR R-Tx, I believe that Zest Dental Solutions has improved upon an already great attachment system. I have had wonderful experiences, both online and via telephone, communicating with different departments within the company. There is always someone readily available to help.

Key Takeaways

Corrects divergence in implant angulation and maintains an adequate amount of retention
The inserts pivot in the housings, decreasing wear on the inserts and abutments and allowing for easier patient seating
Designed to assist in both complete and partial removable denture procedures
Includes a set of inserts that provide a range of levels of retention, reducing the need for alternative or supplemental forms of retention

Manufacturer Information
Zest Dental Solutions

Luis Infante, DDS
Faculty Dental Practice
Louisiana State University
Health Sciences Center
School of Dentistry

New Orleans, Louisiana


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