Inside Dentistry
May 2016
Volume 12, Issue 5

PREAT Corporation

PREAT proudly announces the launch of the LOCATOR® R-Tx overdenture attachment system. The LOCATOR R-Tx improves on the world’s most widely used overdenture attachment system so clinicians can maximize the results of their clinical outcomes using this simple all-in-one system.

Improved Retention and Easier Seating

The magic of LOCATOR® is attributed to the pivot of the nylon retention inserts inside the denture attachment housing during insertion and removal.

By engaging the dual retentive surfaces on the abutment exterior, these inserts create a resilient system that allows patients to seat their overdenture without damaging the components, even when there’s extreme divergence between implants. This improved design resists edge deformation and uses straightforward retention values (zero, low, medium, high) for the clinician’s convenience.

Patented modifications to the denture attachment housing now allow the nylon inserts to pivot up to 30°, allowing for a maximum of 60° angle correction, thereby eliminating the need for pre-angled abutments.

Better Housing

The denture attachment housing was engineered with practicality in mind—its horizontal grooves and flats resist vertical and rotational movement while the internal design facilitates a greater range of motion. The taper-like design helps patients easily align and properly seat the overdenture, and the new esthetic pink anodization blends with the oral environment in areas of thin denture acrylic.

Simplicity is the overarching theme in this overdenture attachment system’s design and application. Its custom, all-in-one packaging with a double-ended vial separately hold the abutment and processing components for the case, creating a workflow-efficient implant system for the clinician and patient.

Advantages of Using LOCATOR R-Tx

• DuraTec™ titanium carbon-nitride coating has an esthetic pink gingiva color that’s harder and more wear resistant.

• Uses a standard 0.05-in and 1.25-mm, hex-drive mechanism.

• Has a narrower coronal abutment to improve patient alignment and seating.

• Maximum 60° angle correction/pivot function between multiple abutments.

• Denture attachment housing is anodized pink for esthetics with horizontal grooves and flats to resist vertical and rotational displacement.

• Engagement retention inserts simplify retention levels and improve design to resist edge deformation. All-in-one simplified packaging.

“I have been using the LOCATOR system for more than 10 years and have done just about all there is to do, using this system. The new R-Tx system allows more divergent cases to be completed, my patients don’t need their housings changed as often, and placement is a snap. Best of all, the parts come in one easy-to-use package. The new LOCATOR R-Tx will make a huge difference for you and your patients.”
Gordon C. Fraser, Jr, DMD
Conyers, GA

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PREAT Corporation

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