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Inside Dentistry
May 2019
Volume 15, Issue 5

An Injectable Hybrid with Improved Handling and Polishability

Jack D. Griffin Jr, DMD, on Beautifil Flow Plus® X

In a busy practice setting, dentists are looking for easy-to-use, esthetic, comfortable, and versatile materials with great clinical performance. Injectable hybrids (ie, flowable composites) have been widely accepted in dentistry for all of these reasons. Presently, both clinicians and patients are very concerned about the effects of materials that are put into the mouth, and direct restorative materials are no different. With all things being nearly equal regarding clinical characteristics, we try to choose materials that have a positive influence on the oral environment.

The Beautifil line of restor-atives are a group of materials called Giomers, which are bio-interactive composites that release and recharge ions, have an anti-plaque effect, and offer regenerative potential as well as provide great esthetics, high flexural strength, and excellent clinical characteristics. They have a surface pre-reacted glass (S-PRG) filler that allows for this ion release while also maintaining excellent handling properties for an injectable hybrid.

Beautifil Flow Plus® X is the latest version of an already exceptional line of direct restoratives from Shofu. It features the same ion release and recharge as the earlier versions but with improved handling and more sustainable high-gloss polishability due to the introduction of new 400 nm S-PRG filler particles. There are two different viscosities (ie, F00 [zero flow] and F03 [low flow]), a wide range of shades with enamel-like opacity, and opaque dentin, bleach, and effect shades for characterization and tinting.

Beautifil Flow Plus X has outstanding everyday dental versatility. Because of its superb polishability, it is an excellent choice for moderate and small Class V lesions, conservative occlusal and buccal pits, and anterior facial lesions. We also use Beautifil Flow Plus X as our liner/base under Class II resin restorations to seal the dentin after bonding, and it is our choice for blocking out undercuts and performing small crown buildups as well. For these restorative procedures, we use the F03 (low flow) viscosity to take advantage of its self-leveling traits.

The ion release and anti-plaque features make Beautifil Flow Plus X particularly significant for the orthodontic world as well. We cement our braided flexible fixed retainer wire onto lower incisors and place all aligner therapy attachments, such as ramps, power bars, and buttons, with Beautifil Flow Plus X. We prefer the more viscous F00 (zero flow) formula for orthodontics because of its anti-slumping characteristics.

The bio-friendly, therapeutic, and versatile nature of Beautifil Flow Plus X makes it a great choice.

Key Takeaways

• Achieves more surface gloss in less time for effortless, sustainable polishability, which can be further increased with Super-Snap X-Treme polishing disks
• Improved handling with patented 400 nm S-PRG filler particles
• With excellent shape retention, the F00 viscosity (zero flow) accurately restores occlusal morphology without slumping, and the F03 viscosity (low flow) thoroughly wets the preparation walls and has superior adaptation
• Giomer technology releases and recharges beneficial bioactive ions that inhibit plaque formation and minimize postoperative hypersensitivity


Shofu Dental Corporation

About the Author

Jack D. Griffin Jr, DMD
Private Practice
Eureka, Missouri

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