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Inside Dentistry
November 2018
Volume 14, Issue 11

Kleer Membership Plans

Improving access to care while increasing the value of dental practices

Zachary J. Holder, DDS

I have been practicing dentistry for the last 12 years, and many of the patients who come to my practice either do not have dental insurance coverage or have dental needs that exceed the limitations of their insurance coverage. This prompted me to start thinking about offering alternatives to traditional insurance. Most insurance companies have continued to keep their allowable fees and yearly maximums low instead of increasing them to accommodate the rising costs of providing quality dentistry. This, along with the common insurance practice of finding creative ways to deny coverage for services provided, does not help the patients or the dentists.

I came across a discussion about membership plans in a post from a Facebook group for dentists that I belong to. I discovered that offering an in-house membership plan could eliminate some of the confusion associated with traditional insurance. There were a few membership plan programs mentioned in the discussion, but after researching them, I decided that Kleer would be the best fit for my practice at the time. The ease of implementation, great customer support, and unlimited marketing materials available at no additional cost are what really sold me on the Kleer membership plans. Kleer enabled my staff and myself to quickly and easily get a membership plan established without having to undertake a big extra time commitment.

Another benefit is that Kleer provides dentists with a "success manager." Ours has been a tremendous help in setting up our plan to work best for us and has given us great advice. She has also been more than accommodating in providing customized marketing materials for distribution to patients and to aid with staff training.

I've found that patients are very happy with the option of signing up for a Kleer membership plan. Diagnostic opportunities and patient treatment acceptance have increased as a result of the membership plan as well. Furthermore, having access to the marketing and educational materials has really helped to make the value of the plan very easy to understand for patients. They have the ability to enroll while they are in the office, or they can do it from home via our website.

I would recommend that my fellow clinicians offer Kleer membership plans because they provide a good, risk-free, solution for most practices. The high level of customization afforded by these plans is sure to create a "win-win" situation for both your patients and your office.

It would be nice to see these membership plans really catch on, not only to provide patients with better access to care, but also to give the insurance companies some incentive to raise their allowable fees, frequencies, and yearly maximums to be more realistic and better aligned with the cost of receiving and providing quality dentistry in 2018.

Key Takeaways

1. Membership plans increase the loyalty and value of your uninsured patients.
2. Kleer enables dentists to design a membership plan that fits their needs and their patients' needs.
3. Kleer makes managing membership plans easy.
4. Great support and customer service are provided to help dentists launch a successful plan.

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About the Author

Zachary J. Holder, DDS
Private Practice
Baytown, Texas

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