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Inside Dentistry
August 2019
Volume 15, Issue 8

Building Value for Patients and Practices

Kathy Peiffer on Membership Plans powered by Kleer

Kathy Peiffer

A few months ago, Steven M. Parrett, DDS, the owner of our practice, received an email from Kleer about their services. Typically, I ignore these kinds of emails, but this message came at the perfect time. I was no longer happy with the company that we were working with because we were having problems with our patients being overcharged, which reflected negatively on our practice. I was at the point where I was ready to try managing payments without a third party, but that seemed like a daunting task and a lot more work than any of our staff had time to do.

When I saw the demo of the platform, I decided to reach out to the folks at Kleer because I thought that it might work at our practice. We still refer to our membership plan as the "Dental Health Ad-van-tage" plan but really like that Kleer is now taking care of all our marketing needs.

Some of the highlights of working with Kleer are the excellent support that they offer and the simplicity of partnering with them. They worked with us to seamlessly convert our original membership plan into our current Kleer plan, and they are available to us whenever we need someone to answer even the simplest question. They didn't just sign us up and then forget about us. This was not the case with the previous company that we worked with, where our emails were rarely answered in less than 24 hours. Our Kleer Success Manager stays in close contact with us, and she is always asking if we have any problems that she can help with. Kleer has been available during every step of the process, and they continue to look for ways to help us grow our membership.

Kleer made the implementation of the plan very easy, helped us to maintain desired elements of the plan that we had previously designed, and ultimately, ended up making the plan better and more attractive for our patients than it was before. Kleer offers many different resources on its website, and the portal is extremely user-friendly. If any questions arise and I cannot find my answers online, I am confident that they will be able to help me answer them.

Powering our membership plan with Kleer has been a great experience, and I wish that we had discovered them earlier. Transitioning to Kleer and using their website to manage our members and their payments was very easy. We signed up our 100th member at the beginning of May, and Kleer celebrated that milestone with us by sending a tower of treats to the office and reducing our per-patient fee going forward. There were no up-front costs, and they design the plans to benefit both our practice and our patients. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Kleer and working with them to help our patients see the great value in being a part of this membership plan.

Key Takeaways

1. Membership plans enable your uninsured patients to get the affordable and comprehensive oral care that they want and need

2. Kleer makes it easy to implement and manage your own membership plan

3. Kleer provides world-class customer support

4. Kleer is not only a solution but also a partner for growing your practice

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About the Author

Kathy Peiffer
Office Manager
Cumberland Valley Dental Care
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

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