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Inside Dentistry
November 2017
Volume 13, Issue 11

Harmonize™ Universal Composite

The next generation composite for all direct bonding applications

Bruce J. LeBlanc, DDS

Ever since the iconic Herculite™ composite was introduced to the marketplace more than 25 years ago, Kerr has had a legacy product with which many other composites have been compared. Later, Herculite was enhanced with nanohybrid fillers to produce Herculite® Ultra, which has been a gold standard product in my practice for many years.

Now, Kerr has added a new composite formulation to their brand: Harmonize™ Universal Composite. Infused with a nanoparticle filler network known as Adaptive Response Technology (ART), Harmonize helps dentists create lifelike restorations with greater ease and simplicity than ever before. This nanoparticle filler network provides enhanced structural integrity to ensure that restorations have exceptional strength and unmatched esthetics without compromise. To further enhance the material, very small spherical silica and zirconia particles are formed together in a reinforced structure. This improves the interaction and crosslinking between the filler network and the resin matrix, resulting in more efficient polymerization and even higher strength. The addition of the zirconia particles also helps to enhance luster by producing a porcelain-like glaze and a natural shine that makes polishing easy. This simplifies esthetic outcomes with the ease of one shade color matching.

During this past year, I have used Harmonize routinely with predictable success and good margination. It is easier to handle, softer while sculpting, holds its shape without slumping, and does so without the stickiness of other composites due to the high loading, spherical shape, and rheological modifier of ART. Its unique optical properties mimic those of natural teeth, creating beautiful, lifelike restorations. Harmonize diffuses and reflects light in a similar way as human enamel, leading to an enhanced chameleon effect for better blending capabilities. In addition, the particle size and structure is designed to offer superior gloss retention and easier polishing. At recall appointments, these restorations exhibit long-term retained gloss and structural integrity. Harmonize is a composite that I can use with great confidence in my practice for all posterior and anterior restorations.

I have completed many cases in my practice that demonstrate Harmonize’s ability to restore large tooth defects with good margination, color blending, and retained polish. My patients love these restorations because they rejuvenate their teeth as opposed to replacing them. Confidently creating beautiful restorations in complex cases with Harmonize can be enjoyable for the dentist as well as a real winner in your operatory.

Dr. Bruce LeBlanc is a paid consultant for Kerr and has received Harmonize samples. The opinions expressed in this article are those of Dr. LeBlanc. Kerr is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgment in treating their patients.

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Bruce J. LeBlanc, DDS, maintains a private practice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, specializing in adhesive and cosmetic solutions that minimize the need for tooth removal.

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