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Inside Dentistry
October 2017
Volume 13, Issue 10

The Bien-Air Tornado

Eric Duncan, DMD

One year ago, our practice took advantage of Bien-Air’s Tornado Trial Program. We wanted to see for ourselves if the claims about this product were true. Bien-Air sent us a Tornado handpiece to use in our office and evaluate, and in my opinion, its performance cannot be compared with any other handpiece currently on the market. Since then, we’ve invested in four Tornado handpieces at my practice, and I would highly encourage any dentist who is open to evaluating a truly state-of-the-art, significantly better, pneumatic handpiece to seriously consider looking at the Bien-Air Tornado.

The handpieces that we were using previously were not adjusting effectively to some of the latest materials. We’ve tried a number of different brands over the years, and they didn’t have enough torque to get through stronger materials. The Tornado combines the power of an electric handpiece with the ergonomic feel of an air handpiece. It offers significantly more power than anything I’ve ever used before. I have never experienced any stalling or bogging down during any clinical procedures for which it was used in my practice.

In the past, we’ve had experiences where a handpiece will work effectively for a month or two, but then the instrument’s power will decrease due to continued use, sterilization, and lubrication. This has not happened with any of the Tornado handpieces since we started using them. The instrument is just as powerful today as it was the day it arrived at my practice.

Along with the strength to effectively get through strong materials such as IPS e.max and zirconia, the Tornado gives me superior access to the anterior teeth. With bulkier handpieces, it can be difficult to reach certain teeth, but the Tornado is easy to maneuver and reaches where I need to work. I can also apply pressure where I want to without the risk of having the handpiece bog down and stop drilling in hard to reach areas.

Investing in the Tornado has saved my practice a significant amount of time. We can make preparations and adjustments more quickly and complete exactly what we need to do in a more efficient way. Because of this, patients spend less time in the chair—which is great for everyone. We also feel extremely confident while using this instrument. There is never a doubt in my mind that it will work exactly as I need it to. We haven’t had any mechanical issues or breakdowns since we adopted the Tornado, and I don’t expect to in the future.

I would tell any of my colleagues to look into Bien-Air’s trial program and try it for themselves. I can’t imagine anyone trying it and not thinking that it is superior to any other headpieces that are currently on the market.

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Eric Duncan, DMD, maintains a private practice in Kennesaw, Georgia, that combines art, science, and technology with personalized care to provide the best dental experience possible for every patient.

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