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Inside Dentistry
May 2017
Volume 13, Issue 5

Bien-Air Tornado

Time saving turbine offers highest available power in a quiet, ergonomic package

Many dentists report that "lack of time" is their number one concern. With the time constraints that they face today, handpiece performance can have a demonstrable effect on a practice's efficiency and profitability. To alleviate this concern, Bien-Air Dental has developed the TORNADO-a quietly powerful turbine that embodies the union of the most advanced micro-technologies with more than 50 years of industry expertise and innovation.

Equipped with SteadyTorque™ technology, the engineering of the rotor's micron-precise shape and configuration delivers an outstanding power output of 30 W-the highest on the market today. This exclusive technology is complemented by specially designed ceramic ball bearings capable of handling the highest speeds and heaviest loads, guaranteeing the TORNADO superior durability and resilience.

To facilitate greater maneuverability and posterior access, the diameter and height of the head are optimized, and the TORNADO's lighter weight reduces hand and wrist fatigue. In addition, the TORNADO is coated in TotalTact™, a smooth hygienic nonslip surface designed to present elevated resistance to scratching and abrasion and better withstand the high temperatures of repeated autoclave sterilization cycles.

Operating at an unparalleled 55 decibel level, the TORNADO's sound intensity is equivalent to that of a peaceful alpine stream-the lowest available in the industry. This is achieved through the noise-reducing properties of two novel features: the Accu-Spray Quattro Mix™ spray system and the Accu-Chuck PreciPlus™ vibration-canceling bur-retention mechanism. The Accu-Spray Quattro Mix™ system converges four, asymmetrical laser-precise air/water sprays onto the tip of the bur for rapid and even cooling of the operative field. Combined with an LED light, unobscured intraoral visibility is guaranteed. The Accu-Chuck PreciPlus™ bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism assures a staunch clamping of the bur, eliminating all vibrations and granting the TORNADO unequaled stability and comfort for the most precise dental work. Afterwards, the TORNADO's unique Soft Push™ system makes bur release quick and safe.

To increase patient safety, the TORNADO features several advanced technologies. The first, Sealed Head™ contamination control, prevents oral fluids and organisms from infiltrating the instrument's head, water lines, and treatment unit. This helps to abate the risk of patient cross-contamination and noticeably prolongs the lifespan of the unit's ball bearings. The second technology, Cool Touch™ safety, incorporates patented anti-heating technology designed to maintain the instrument's head at a safe temperature, thus significantly decreasing patient burn injuries.

• SteadyTorque™ technology provides an unequaled 30 W of cutting power with custom-designed ceramic ball bearings to extend turbine life and lower operation noise.
• Accu-Chuck PreciPlus™ bur-locking and vibration-canceling system for optimal stability and precision.
• Accu-Spray Quattro Mix™ system with LED illumination for superior bur-cooling action andobscuration-free lighting.
Sealed Head™ technology to prevent fluid infiltration, reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and prolong ball bearing life.

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