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Inside Dentistry
February 2017
Volume 13, Issue 2

5 Reasons to buy

TPH Spectra® Universal Composite Restorative

1. Simplified shading streamlines the shading process by providing seven of the most essential tooth shades.

2. Stain resistance from exclusive composite chemistry that’s proven to resist common stains better and ensure your artistry lasts longer.

3. Leading finishing and polishing results when used with Dentsply Sirona Finishing & Polishing systems.

4. Excellent radiopacity so it is easily distinguishable on a radiograph.

5. The TPH brand has been a staple of dentists’ armamentarium for over two decades with a history of clinically proven results.

This material handles well and finishes and polishes quite easily. I like this material very much but have always liked TPH composites. This just improves the already great qualities of the material.

Ron Perry, DMD, MS

South Weymouth, Massachusetts


Seven VITA-based shades: cover the entire VITA shade range

Two viscosities: low viscosity (LV) and high viscosity (HV)

Various choices: Compules® tips and syringe delivery options

Dentsply Sirona • 800-532-2855

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