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Inside Dentistry
July 2015
Volume 11, Issue 7


Figure 1| New TPH Spectra® Universal Composite Restorative from DENTSPLY Caulk utilizes a proprietary blend of resin and fillers that delivers lower opacity and higher translucency for restorations with unmatched esthetics. In addition to delivering beautiful results that your patients will love, TPH Spectra composite offers handling that fits your personal preferences and simplified shade selection that makes it one of the easiest composites to use. To learn more about new TPH Spectra composite and how to take the TPH Spectra composite “Truth or Dare Challenge,” visit or call 800-532-2855.

Preferred Handling

TPH Spectra composite provides composite handling that fits your preferred technique without the aggravating handling obstacles associated with currently marketed composites. Whether you prefer a spreadable or packable composite, TPH Spectra composite has your handling preference covered with TPH Spectra LV (Low Viscosity) and TPH Spectra HV (High Viscosity).

Simplified Shading

Figure 2 | The shading system for TPH Spectra® Universal Composite Restorative provides 7 VITA-based shades that cover the entire VITA shade guide. This reduction in shades allows you to reduce inventory in your office and simplifies the selection process. In addition, TPH Spectra composite’s chameleon effect ensures it will blend in to the surrounding tooth structure, making the restoration indistinguishable.

Less Staining

Figure 3 | Your patients appreciate your artistry, so why not choose a composite that resists stains better than the competition? Coffee, tea, wine, and other common teeth-staining hazards are no match for TPH Spectra composite.


FIgure 4| “I have thoroughly enjoyed using the TPH Spectra. I have been very impressed with the blending of the shades. I have used the chart supplied in the packaging and it is really hard to mess up the shading! When picking a shade, I have thought there is no way that I would pick this shade on my own, but the shades in the chart have all ended up looking really good! ...Really cool concept and best of all…EASY!!! I like working with both viscosities because I find the low viscosity handles well for me in the anterior and the high viscosity handles well for me in the posterior. The sculpt ability and handling I rate as both excellent. Just when you thought all composites are the same TPH Spectra raises the bar.”

Dr. Sam Simos
Bolingbrook, IL

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