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Inside Dentistry
December 2016
Volume 12, Issue 12

Endo Sequence BC Sealer & BC Points

The New Biologic Standard of Care in Obturation

Figure 1 | EndoSequence® BC Sealer™ is redefining the way many clinicians approach endo­dontic treatment. For years endodontic sealers have been considered the weak link in obturation because they shrink and do not bond to dentin. For this reason various compaction techniques have been developed to help minimize the sealer interface.

Over time the industry began creating NiTi shaping systems that create large coronal flares specifically to facilitate the placement and compaction of thermoplastic gutta percha/carriers. This extension for prevention approach to filling can be likened to what we experienced years ago with amalgam, which required retentive form preparations. With the introduction of a new class of premixed nanoparticle bioceramics that bond to dentin and exhibit zero shrinking, obturation should no longer dictate shaping.

EndoSequence BC Sealer is a revolutionary premixed root canal sealer that utilizes new bioceramic nanotechnology. Unlike conventional base/catalyst sealers, BC Sealer utilizes the moisture naturally present in the dentinal tubules to initiate its setting reaction. The canal should be dried just as you normally would, but unlike other sealers, the set will not be inhibited by moisture. This highly radiopaque and hydrophilic sealer forms hydroxyapatite upon setting and chemically bonds to both dentin and to our bioceramic points (EndoSequence BC Points™).

Unlike traditional points, EndoSequence BC Points are subjected to a patented process of impregnating and coating each cone with bioceramic nanoparticles. The bioceramic particles found in BC Sealer bond with the bioceramic particles in BC Points to form a true gap-free seal.

BC Points are available in individual sizes and in assortment wheels. Standard gutta percha can be used, but for a true, gap-free seal BC Points are recommended.

EndoSequence BC Sealer is antibacterial during setting due to its highly alkaline pH (+12), and unlike traditional sealers, it exhibits absolutely zero shrinkage and is extremely biocompatible.

EndoSequence BC Sealer can either be syringed directly into the coronal third of the canal or delivered via a hand file or point. It can be used with cold or heated methods. However, many specialists have come to the conclusion that heat is not necessary because of its slight expansion and its ability to bond to dentin.

This truly revolutionary sealer has remarkable healing properties and is designed specifically to be non-resorbable. In the event of a slight overfill (puff), an anti-inflammatory reaction will not occur because the sealer is essentially a root repair material with a flowable viscosity.

Product Highlights

• Premixed root canal sealer that uses new bioceramic nanotechnology
• Uses the moisture naturally present in the dentinal tubules to initiate its setting reaction
• Forms hydroxyapatite upon setting
• Chemically bonds to both dentin and to EndoSequence BC Points

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