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Inside Dentistry
April 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

Brasseler USA’s New Restorative Endodontics™ Website

Site supports revolutionary products and techniques with information and videos

›Brasseler USA’s new Restorative Endodontics™ website,, provides the clinician with a full gamut of clinical studies, products, and how-to videos in regards to the company’s revolutionary line of restorative products and techniques, which are changing the standard of care in endodontics.

Products thus supported include Brasseler’s BC Sealer, a medical-grade, pure bioceramic sealer that exhibits absolutely zero shrinkage, is hydrophilic, forms hydroxyapitite on contact with moisture, and chemically bonds to dentin. Also included is Brasseler’s minimally invasive NiTi ESX™ Rotary File System, which in conjunction with bioceramic obturation has provided a new modern biologic standard of care known as “restorative endodontics.”

Among the educational and instructional materials found on the new site are:

An educational video of endodontic history and practice that also examines modern material science and minimally invasive techniques that are maximizing the long-term prognosis of the endodontically treated tooth.

An in-depth look at bioceramic technology, including a technical review of bonding that features the revolutionary bioceramic method of action.

A plethora of clinically proven research and studies that back up the science behind Brasseler’s full line of restorative products.

An illustrative video of Brassler’s new ESX Endodontic System that allows the user to maintain the strength of the tooth through the use of minimally invasive instrumentation andbonded obturation.

Links to additional product information such as ESX Rotary Files, BC Sealer, and BC Points

Visit for additional resources.


· Clinical findings in support of Brasseler’s restorative products

· Links to additional product information (eg, ESX Rotary Files, BC Sealer, andBC Points)

· Presentation of minimally invasive techniques

Video Resources

A video playlist highlighting all aspects of restorative endodontics.
See these videos at:

Brasseler USA

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