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Inside Dentistry
November 2016
Volume 12, Issue 11

DEXIS™ Platinum Digital Imaging System

1. The best image quality—DEXIS Platinum Sensor excels in visible resolution and contrast.

2. DEXIS yields highly diagnostic and more consistent images, even at lower doses.

3. 9 out of 10 patients prefer the comfort of DEXIS.

4. DEXshield™ reduces the absorbed dose by at least 30%.

5. DEXIS’ ease of use and faster workflow saves valuable time.

The award-winning DEXIS Platinum sensor incorporates PureImage™ technology—a group of highly sophisticated digital imaging components, the TrueComfort™ sensor design with beveled corners and smooth edges, and highly portable direct USB connectivity. These features along with the robust DEXIS software provide dentists with the best and most consistent image quality, the most comfortable sensor, and the fastest workflow.

Learn more about what makes DEXIS the best by downloading our evidence document at


Seamless: Integrates with practice management programs, cameras, CariVu™, and select 3D systems.

Efficient: Single-size sensor system facilitates vertical and horizontal bitewings and all periapicals.

Recognized: Highly awarded by dental community, esteemed educators, and dental publications.

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