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Inside Dentistry
March 2015
Volume 11, Issue 3

In a long, dynamic history of bringing the best possible imaging solutions to general dentists and specialists alike, DEXIS offers the award-winning DEXIS™ Platinum sensor and DEXIS™ imaging software, plus DEXshield™, Platinum's companion product.

Platinum Intra-Oral Sensor

The DEXIS Platinum intra-oral sensor incorporates PureImage™ technology—a group of highly sophisticated components, TrueComfort™ design with beveled corners and smooth edges, and highly portable direct USB connectivity. DEXIS realizes that image quality is paramount to dentists. Through its combination of proprietary advanced hardware and software technologies, the DEXIS Platinum sensor excels in visible resolution and contrast. The unique, ergonomic shape of the sensor fits more comfortably in patients' mouths and against anatomy. Clinicians can move about the mouth efficiently, which can mean a more accurate procedure and less retakes due to patient movement. With DEXIS Platinum's direct USB connection, there are no control boxes or docking stations—just true "plug-n-ray."

Combined, DEXIS software and the Platinumsensor provide dentists with these benefits*:

• Substantiated consistent image quality

• Remarkable image quality at lower doses

• Comfortable sensor preferred by 9 out of 10 patients

• Extremely fast workflow

Imaging Software

The feature-rich DEXIS imaging software, offered in PC and MAC platforms, allows for seamless integration with practice management programs, digital pans, intra-oral cameras including DEXcam 4™, other select imaging hardware such as CariVu caries detection device and select 3D scanners, and DEXIS go™ iPad® app. The software's intuitive interface and its outstanding automation permit dental professionals to complete tasks quickly. As a powerful, centralized imaging hub for all patient images, DEXIS manages all digital images, including intra- and extra-oral radiographs, as well as intra- and extra-oral photographs.

The sensor's companion product, DEXshield, is a unique dental positioning ring and patented patient-protective shield. When used during the dental radiographic procedure, it aligns the X-ray beam with the examination site and provides an attenuating barrier to protect the patient from unnecessary radiation exposure. In a laboratory setting, DEXshield plus the DEXIS Platinum Sensor was determined to reduce absorbed dose by at least 30% as compared to the Universal Ring plus the DEXIS Platinum Sensor.*

* Data on file


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