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Inside Dentistry
July 2016
Volume 12, Issue 7

Whole You Nexteeth™

Whole You Nexteeth uses the latest in CAD/CAM technology and advanced materials to offer a precise fitting and thinner palatal plate, providing enhanced comfort for wearers. Additionally, each denture is crafted with an FDA-approved special coating for easy cleaning and care.

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Easy start-up: Only the Whole You DENTCA Trays are required—no CAD/CAM equipment needed in the dental office.

Reduced chairtime: Whole You Nexteeth can be delivered in just three appointments and requires as little as 1.5 hours of chairtime.

Prototype: 3D-printed try-ins allow for accurate fitting of cases before final denture fabrication.

1. Simplified impression/record taking: Multifunctional Whole You DENTCA Trays allow the practitioner to take all the necessary records in one appointment.

2. Accurate design: Sophisticated CAD software accurately translates necessary anatomical landmarks from the impression and intelligently sets up the case.

3. Durability: The proprietary denture base used for Whole You Nexteeth has impressive flexural strength and dimensional stability.

4. Thinner palate: Whole You Nexteeth milled dentures feature a distinctively thin palate for increased comfort and a better fit.

5. Easy cleaning: Whole You Nexteeth is crafted with a long-lasting, functional coating for easy cleaning and care.

Whole You, Inc. • 424-558-8522

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