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Inside Dentistry
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 11

New to the Market

A | Foresight SGL

The Foresight 45 SGL high-speed handpiece features a built-in fiber optic system with a micro-LED generator and 22 watts of torque. The micro-generator embedded inside the handpiece activates a bright LED light when air flows through. The light points directly into the procedure site.

Capable of extreme power, the Foresight 45 SGL delivers constant torque for consistent cutting power—even under the heavy load conditions. The patented chuck design works to grip the bur tighter as the RPMs increase to minimize the risk of bur slippage and ensure patient safety.

Unlike most conventional surgical handpieces on the market, the Foresight 45 SGL does not allow any air escape in the head of the handpiece. All air is exhausted through the backend for safer molar extraction.

Clinicians can also trust the quality and durability of the Foresight 45 SGL, with its titanium coated stainless steel shell, that provides scratch, stain, and corrosion resistance for durability and longevity.


ACTIVA Kids BioACTIVE RESTORATIVE is an ionic restorative resin that stimulates mineralization and the natural healing process with release and recharge of calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. This product contains no bisphenol A, no Bis-GMA, and no BPA derivatives. ACTIVA Kids is an opaque light B shade, ideally suited for pediatric dentistry.

C | Nexteeth Full Denture

Whole You Nexteeth use the latest in CAD/CAM technology and advanced materials to offer a precise fitting and thinner palatal plate, providing enhanced comfort for wearers. Additionally, each denture is crafted with an FDA-approved special coating for easy cleaning and care.

D | Endo-Eze® Endodontic Hand Files and Burs

Ultradent’s full line of endodontic hand files and burs was designed with shaping efficiency, state-of-the-art instrumentation, and ergonomics in mind. The Endo-Eze line offers clinicians the balanced flexibility and resistance of a full range of K-Files, the sharpness and cutting ability of NiTi K-Files, and the spiral-design and flute of Hedstrom Files (H-Files).

E | Profin® IPR Directional System

The Profin IPR Directional System is an essential addition to any discipline in dentistry and orthodontics. Profin IPR diminishes the risk of excessive stripping, ensuring more conservative removal of enamel in prescribed amounts. Profin IPR also eliminates the risk of damage to gingival tissue. Each Profin IPR tip is gauged to prescribed amounts of reduction. Tips are available in five sizes ranging from 0.25 to 0.5 mm.

With Profin IPR, dentists can correct disproportionate tooth sizes, eliminate crowding, protect enamel, and increase the durability of orthodontic treatment results. Unlike rotary instruments that may ditch enamel or damage underlying tissues, the Lamineer tips are flat, safe-sided, and will not affect adjacent surfaces.

Profin IPR is an extraordinary system for professionally shaping and finishing embrasures, contacts, overhangs, incisal edges, and occlusion. The companion Lamineer tips are available in more than 30 shapes, sizes, and grits. All tips are autoclavable and designed for multi-use.

F | Prometheus™ Coupler with Self-Contained LED Fiber Optics

Johnson-Promident’s Prometheus Couplers with Self-Contained LED Fiber Optics is a line of quick disconnects that fit all fiber optic handpieces. Prometheus Couplers create bright white LED light, with no additional power source or fiber optic system needed.

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