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Inside Dentistry
June 2016
Volume 12, Issue 6

New to the Market

A | ToothShield™

ToothShield is a patented tooth protector that shields teeth from impact during sports or any activity that puts teeth at risk. For practical or expense reasons, a custom-fitted mouthguard may not be available for young athletes. ToothShield is an inexpensive, sanitary alternative that adapts instantly in children and teens, even for those wearing braces. The compression pads in the back of the appliance, and the tilting front flange help keep ToothShield in place. The flange can be trimmed for smaller mouths. The body of the device cushions against impact and deflects forces away from the teeth. The resilient bite plane prevents lower teeth from crunching against upper teeth in case of a chin blow. ToothShield is made in the USA with a soft, flexible, FDA-grade thermoplastic elastomer. No molding, no boiling—it goes out of the package and into the mouth. Sold in packages of three, this product is individually wrapped and is available in Froggy Green or Banana Yellow.

B | Quick-Stat™ FREE

Quick-Stat FREE is a viscous, clear hemostatic agent that contains proprietary surface modifiers to effectively penetrate the affected area. This product efficiently coagulates red blood cells, and offers improved dispersion of active agents within the wound. Its viscous formula allows Quick-Stat FREE to stay in place, avoiding flowing onto or staining surrounding tissue. The standard kit contains four prefilled syringes and eight Stat-Flo™ tips.

C | Calibra® Family of Cements

The Calibra family of cements has simplified cleanup of excess cement by facilitating tack curing with a 10-second initiation phase, and extending the gel phase to 45 seconds for a longer window to remove excess cement.

D | CHAIRSIDE® Soft Reline Material

This soft, silicone-based reline material is for patients that require relief for full and partial maxillary and mandibular dentures. Ideal for immediate dentures following extractions, surgery, or implant procedures for optimal patient comfort.

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