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Inside Dentistry
June 2016
Volume 12, Issue 6

Making Patients Comfortable with Professional Whitening

Boost confidence with beautiful smiles

Rhonda Savage, DDS

Figure 1 | Choosing the right professional whitening brand will make your patients happy, make it easier for your staff to recommend and sell, and ultimately benefit your practice. This decision should depend on the brand’s number of treatment options, minimal sensitivity, ease of delivery, and most importantly, great results. That’s why I’m loyal to Philips Zoom. Patients love the different treatment options because there is something for every lifestyle, whether it’s Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, Philips Zoom Take Home Kits, or Philips Zoom QuickPro. Most patients are concerned with professional whitening because of timing and budget restrictions. They feel more at ease knowing there’s a treatment that works for them. I always explain to my patients that they’re getting the best for their budget, so while price matters, value matters more.

Personalizing professional whitening beyond the type of treatment helps patients see value in the procedure. I often start my recommendation by complimenting a patient’s tooth color, letting them know that the shade would whiten nicely and that not everyone has that luxury. By putting a personal touch on my recommendation and telling patients that this is a great self-care option, they’re more willing to take my advice to heart.

Teeth whitening can represent a big change in many patients’ lives (for example, brides coming in the week before their wedding), so it’s crucial to comfort patients during their whitening treatment. To make the experience more pleasurable, my staff will offer them a blanket, heating pad, music—anything that will make them comfortable.

Because Philips Zoom is a brand name that people recognize, patients already know they’re in good hands. My staff members love recommending Philips Zoom because they use it regularly themselves, and it’s so easy to use. Everyone (even dental professionals) wants whiter teeth!

Witnessing patients’ reactions to their sensational results is exceptionally rewarding. I’ve had patients who have hated their smiles for years and got extremely emotional once they saw their new pearly whites.

Philips Zoom doesn’t just whiten teeth; it boosts confidence and brightens the entire face. This positive feeling causes patients to want to keep up their great smiles by coming back for a cleaning, follow-up whitening treatment, or opening the door to cosmetic dentistry, in turn benefiting your practice. Of course, seeing your patients leave with their brightest smile is the biggest benefit of them all.

About the Author

Rhonda R. Savage, DDS, is the CEO of Miles Global, a national dental management and consulting firm. She is an esteemed author and lecturer on women’s health, practice management, and leadership skills. For speaking or consulting information, visit

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