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Inside Dentistry
April 2016
Volume 12, Issue 4

Axsys Dental Solutions

Owning a Versamill milling machine means you can provide your patients with the full spectrum of dental restorations, from the thinnest ceramic veneers to a complete oral rehabilitation. From diagnostic wax-up prototypes and acrylic occlusal splints to custom titanium abutments and full-arch bars, the Versamill is an affordable, in-office non-stop workhorse.

Versamills are Different

Our 5X200 machining center is designed to perform reliably with high-precision for the long term. It can process any dental material from zirconia and PMMA to hard-to-machine cobalt chrome alloys and delicate glass ceramics.

Dental offices can enjoy the benefits of a wet machine, eliminating the caustic dust associated with milling zirconium dry—dust that has no place in a dental office.

The machine is supported by a heavy duty, cast-aluminum alloy frame, and is powered by a 3-kilowatt, 60,000-rpm precision motor for complete versatility. A standard dental office compressor is all you need for hook-up.

Making the Transition

Making the transition to digital manufacturing can be a frightening proposition. After nearly 40 years of helping companies make the transition from old analog methods to digital methods, Axsys knows how to do it successfully. Even if you have little computer experience, our training programs enable you to succesfully transition to the digital world in a short period of time.

Beyond training, Axsys supports you with highly skilled and experienced application engineers to address any questions, problems, or difficult cases that may appear during your day-to-day operations. They’re even available when it’s time for you to expand the offerings of your practice or explore new ideas that address your individual needs or plans for growth.

Setting New Precision Standards for Your Practice

Expertly tuned CAD libraries, CAM machining templates, and machine accuracy within 5 microns means your dental restorations will have a consistent, precision fit you never thought possible—the first time. If a restoration ever needs to be replaced, it can be remilled quickly at the touch of a button and at a cost savings of up to 90% compared to traditional laboratory fabrication.

A Lab-Quality System

Technology has changed. Early adopters of digital dental technology were plagued with many problems and therefore did not realize the quality and profit benefits anticipated for their chairside digital manufacturing investment. These problems can be contributed to the “closed” nature of the system. This means that practices had no options in selecting CAD/CAM software and consumable products (raw materials, machining burs, etc.), the lack of versatility, reliability, and end user support.

The biggest contributing factor to this failure was these so called “machines” lacked the rigidity of construction, fixturing, quality components, speed, versatility, and size to reliably, consistently, and effectively produce the various restoration types from the soft and hard materials that are required to enable doctors to maintain or grow their practice.

Why the Versamill?

• Short cycle times
• Minimal post-machining handwork
• Small footprint
• Open system (freedom to choose system components and consumables)
• Five-axis machining center is whisper quiet
• Fast, accurate, and easy to operate
• Trouble-free and clean

Technology for Today and Tomorrow

The field of digital dentistry is rapidly changing. With Versamill, you need not worry about expanding technology or advances in materials. Its design is based on an adaptable digital platform to provide you with technology that will serve your needs both now and in the future to process new dental materials as they are developed. The feature-rich and easy-to-use cameo Dental CAD/CAM Suite provides software that supports the design and manufacture of a wide range of dental prosthesis and restorative components for single- and multiple-unit restorations. The software update program ensures you always have the latest technology at your disposal.

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