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Inside Dentistry
July 2016
Volume 12, Issue 7

CAD/CAM Product Showcase

A | Versamill 5X200

Figure 1 | The Versamill 5X200 5-axis dental milling Machine is designed as an open source mill to provide maximum flexibility and versatility in a dental manufacturing system. It can accept input from virtually all dental design programs, and accept virtually all dental milling materials.

B | CS 3000

Figure 2 | The CS 3000 features a 4-axis brushless motor that produces high-quality restorations with ±25 µm accuracy. The average milling time for a crown is less than 15 minutes, making single-appointment restorations possible. The system offers a compact design and quiet, vibration-free milling.

C | Dental Wings Laser Milling (DWLM)

Figure 3 | The DWLM allows clinicians to create restorations using polymers, composites,hybrids, and glass ceramics. It has no burs or spindles to replace, no cutting fluid to manage, and no need for compressed air.


Figure 4 | CEREC MC is a cost-effective milling unit for chairside single-tooth restorations. The indication spectrum includes single-unit inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, and a selection of chairside materials up to a block size of 20 mm. CEREC delivers durable restorations with high esthetic standards.


Figure 5 | The CEREC MC X milling unit is ideal for a wide range of chairside treatments, including implants. It creates the same restorations as the CEREC MC, with the inclusion of bridges, abutments, and surgical guides on blocks up to 40 mm. The unit is precise and fast.


Figure 6 | CEREC MC XL creates the same restorations as the CEREC MC with the inclusion of bridges, abutments, and surgical guides on blocks up to 40 mm. Take advantage of the convenience that the four motors, optional “extra fine” grinding, and a user-friendly touchscreen provide.

G | TS150

Figure 7 | The TS150 provides convenient milling that could reduce your milling turnaround time to less than 2 hours. This fast, efficient, and affordable unit features an air-driven, 150,000 RPM spindle, and uses an orbital precision milling strategy for excellent marginal integrity.

H | PlanMill 40

Figure 8 | PlanMill 40 features easy touchscreen operation. Dual spindles mill on both sides of the restoration simultaneously, and calculate custom milling paths with micron-precise accuracy. The automatic tool changer selects the appropriate bur and replaces worn burs automatically.

I | DWX-4

Figure 9 | The DWX-4 produces single crowns, copings, bridges, and hybrid abutments with precision and ease. With this system, you can mill a wide variety of materials, including the latest hybrid ceramics. It is cost-effective, user-friendly, and uses 4-axis milling.

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