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Inside Dentistry
February 2016
Volume 12, Issue 2

Advertising Spotlight | Schick by Sirona

Sirona Dental’s Schick 33 Digital Intraoral Sensor and Image Management System redefine digital dental diagnostics by combining industry-leading theoretical resolution (33 lp/mm) and powerful enhancement software into one easy-to-use system.

Simple preset buttons suit the preferences of virtually every dentist. A dynamic image enhancer allows clinicians to quickly and easily adjust contrast and sharpness based on specific diagnostic needs. The sensor’s three sizes are built to fit everyone from children to seniors, and it is compatible with DICOM 5, SIDEXIS, and Eaglesoft.

Whether you’re contemplating the switch to digital intraoral radiography or already experiencing the benefits, learn some of the biggest advantages of the Schick Digital system and see how it can improve every part of your practice.

Improved Diagnostics

Image clarity is the most cited technical factor for quality imaging. Outstanding image resolution is essential for defining edges and identifying caries and other defects. At 33 lp/mm theoretical resolution, Schick 33 delivers industry-leading resolution and quality.

Paired with its powerful image-enhancement system, Schick 33 can help take diagnostics to an unprecedented level of personalization and control. Schick 33 allows clinicians to view images from a variety of specific clinical perspectives: General Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics, Hygiene, and Restorative Dentistry. This can help both practitioners and patients feel more confident about making the right treatment decisions.

Enhanced Practice Lifestyle

Schick 33’s image enhancement system allows users to create, edit, and save personal settings to ensure that clinicians and practices have instant access to the appropriate settings and can easily review, store, and share images.

A dynamic image enhancer enables you to adjust image sharpness quickly and easily to your needs and personal preferences. With options to save and share high-quality images as JPEGs, ZIP files, or postcards, clinicians can provide information to colleagues and insurers in whatever format is preferred.


Built on a modular platform with broad choices in everything from sensor sizes and cable lengths to USB or WiFi connectivity, you can pick the most appropriate technology for your needs. All of Schick 33’s platform components are designed for compatibility and easy integration with industry standard technologies. This enables you to keep up with changing requirements as they arise without having to change your whole system, protecting your investment for years to come.

Service & Support

Product reliability is critical to keep a dental practice running efficiently. Sirona Dental’s Research & Development teams have worked tirelessly to deliver digital sensor technology that provides proven performance and usability.

Through an exclusive partnership with Patterson Dental, Schick 33 users have access to their advanced technical support infrastructure. Starting with installation, Patterson experts are available through the training process and long after a system is up and running. With 75 local US branches staffed by highly trained, knowledgeable technicians, support is never far away.

Patterson Dental offers:

• End-to-end service and support
• Comprehensive system training
• Expert phone and web support through the Patterson Technology Center
• Local in-office tech support from an authorized dealer in your region
• Patterson’s 2-year comprehensive warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee

Schick also offers the most comprehensive warranty program, and highly customized in-office training from local, certified technology advisors across the United States.

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