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Inside Dentistry
February 2016
Volume 12, Issue 2

Attachment Removal Kit for Clear Aligners

Safe and effective removal of orthodontic attachments

The Attachment Removal Kit for Clear Aligners offers proper tools and provides choices for safe and effective removal of orthodontic attachments created with direct composite. The tools and removal protocol included in this kit will help dental professionals safely detach the composite resin and restore the tooth to a highly esthetic look, without marring the surface.

Like many procedures in dentistry, the removal of residual composite from clear aligners is both operator- and instrument-dependent. Utilizing the best instruments and techniques, if not approached meticulously, may still result in damages to the tooth structure and patient anxiety (ie, iatrogenic trauma from enamel grooves or scratches inflicting plaque buildup and gingivitis). Remnant composite can also inadvertently affect other procedures following the removal of residual resin, including cleaning and whitening. Therefore, appropriately implemented finishing and polishing instruments and technique are fundamental to achieving successful attachment removal.

The composite attachment removal technique supports minimally invasive dentistry. The protocol begins with outlining the composite with a pencil. This step will help dental professionals visually define the canvas for safe and effective detachment. The bulk of composite can be removed with a non-metal flexible Super-Snap black coarse disk, an 8-fluted Robot Carbide CTF Finisher, or a combination of both. For optimal results, the Super-Snap disk should be operated at a low speed (up to 15,000 rpm) with moderate pressure, while the Robot Carbide should be maneuvered at a high speed (up to 300,000 rpm) with a slightly light touch.

Using OneGloss PS, a one-step single-use aluminum oxide finisher and polisher, or a flexible Super-Snap violet medium disk, the labial prominence of the residual composite can be safely reduced. The Super-Snap disk and One Gloss PS should be operated at a low speed with a moderate-to-light pressure to effectively finish and pre-polish any mild grooves or scratches created during the removal of residual composite.

In the final step, using a non-metal Super-Snap green fine disk, then a Super-Snap red superfine disk, both maneuvered at a low speed with a light touch, the tooth surface is polished and pre-lustered. Superfine, diamond impregnated DirectDia Polishing Paste is massaged directly on the tooth surface using a Super-Snap SuperBuff disk operated at a low speed with very low pressure to create a wet, glossy look.

Shofu’s Attachment Removal Kit for Clear Aligners delivers both the finest instruments and proven protocol to help dental professionals safely remove orthodontic attachments and restore teeth to excellent esthetics in an efficient and predictable manner.


• Complete system for safe and easy removal of orthodontic attachments
• Inclusive of Shofu’s award-winning finishers and polishers
• Selected instruments and the removal technique support minimally invasive dentistry
• Packaging contains BONUS items and isavailable through local dealer

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