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Inside Dentistry
July 2024
Volume 20, Issue 7

Boosting Efficiency and Enhancing Patient Care

Shofu’s DentaLaze helps a busy practice reach more patients by decreasing treatment times and eliminating bleeding risk

Ryan Hirsowitz, DMD

Ryan Hirsowitz, DMD, believes that building trust with patients and becoming a part of the community in which he serves is one of the most significant aspects of his dental practice. He recognizes that every locality and population are different from one another and have different needs, so when he moved to Birmingham, Alabama, his first priority was to study the medical and dental health concerns and needs of the population he would be serving. "Having integrity is one of the most important things to me as a practitioner, and honesty goes a long way in the South," he says. "Building trust is the best way to reach patients that otherwise might avoid seeking care."

In Hirsowitz's Aspen Dental-supported practice, which serves Birmingham, Alabama, its suburbs, and the surrounding rural areas across three office locations, he offers all aspects of dentistry, from general and cosmetic treatments to full-mouth restorations and implants with fixed or removable prostheses. He brings in his own specialists for endodontic procedures and oral surgeries, so patients do not need to go to a separate office for these services. Hirsowitz even employs an in-house laboratory technician to ensure that dentures are delivered predictably and quickly to patients chairside. "I believe in a total body philosophy and that a healthy mouth equals a healthy body and mind, so I want to provide all patients with an honest, comprehensive assessment," he says. "I also encourage second opinions to show patients that our practice has their best interest at heart regarding their oral care."

Hirsowitz's practice also gives back to the community through a day of free service to veterans, by participating with local leaders in efforts toward childhood oral healthcare education, and through inner-city toothbrush and toothpaste donations. "I believe in breaking down barriers for my patients, whether that involves providing them a centralized location to receive all the dental care that they need or working to accommodate their schedules to ensure that they get into appointments," he says. "We understand that life happens, so we welcome walk-ins, and we do not charge exam fees for patients who do not have insurance because we want to ensure that they can seek care without the fear of incurring costs without even receiving treatment."

One technology that has recently allowed Hirsowitz to reach even more patients is Shofu's DentaLaze wireless diode laser. "We are a fast-paced, high-volume general dentistry practice," he says, "so any tool that can save time and allow us to see more patients is highly valuable." Before Hirsowitz was introduced to the DentaLaze, he had tried a variety of hemostatic agents for crown preparations and subgingival fillings, but they all took a significant amount of time to apply. "Using the DentaLaze has been a game changer for my operations," he says. "I am able to complete procedures approximately 8-minutes faster than when using hemostatic agents, and for a busy practice with multiple operatories, that can mean the difference between finishing on time or having to work through lunch."

The handheld DentaLaze features an output of up to 3 W of constant power or 5 W of pulsed power at 808 nm. In addition, its wireless, durable aluminum design is lightweight, ergonomic, and easily controlled through an intuitive push-button interface. It is a workhorse laser that can perform a variety of soft-tissue procedures with greater patient comfort and less healing time, and it is economically priced. "I like using the DentaLaze because the light weight is evenly distributed," Hirsowitz says. "My hand does not cramp, and because the laser is not bottom-heavy, I'm not at risk of dropping it. It has enabled me to complete frenectomies, gingivectomies, and biopsies with ease, and I have been able to complete more procedures that I otherwise would have referred out due to bleeding risks or discomfort for the patient. So, the DentaLaze has allowed me to keep more things in-house and decrease my operatory times for procedures while also increasing revenue and patient satisfaction."

Although Hirsowitz had previously considered himself to be "old school" in his approach to dentistry, he now believes that the days of scalpels and blades are over. "I did not used to think that lasers were necessary, but once I used the DentaLaze on my first bleeding patient and was able to stop the bleeding immediately and greatly improve my visibility, I became a believer."

Performs a variety of soft-tissue procedures with greater patient comfort and less healing time.

Wireless, handheld, and sturdy, yet lightweight and ergonomic, it's controlled through an intuitive push button interface, making it perfect for both anterior and posterior needs.

Delivers 3 W of constant and 5 W of pulsed infrared power at 808 nm and runs continuously for 45 minutes on a single charge.

Costs significantly less than many other soft-tissue diode lasers but has features that make it more versatile.

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