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Inside Dentistry
January 2016
Volume 12, Issue 1

EyeSpecial C-II

Shofu Dental Corporation

Good photography is essential for every practice, and a camera that provides true-to-life, reliable images is a critical tool. Shofu’s EyeSpecial C-II is a newer camera that I recently incorporated into my practice. It is very easy to use and has some really interesting and unique features. You can draw on the large LCD screen with a stylus or your finger. This is especially helpful when you want to bring attention to certain parts of an image when sending a case to the lab. There are 8 shooting modes, and the one that I find especially useful is the Isolate Shade Mode. When you take a photo of a patient with a shade tab in this mode, it saves two images—the original and one where the gingiva is grayed out. Without any visual distractions, you can really focus in on finding the correct shade.

Panavia V5

Kuraray America, Inc.

I’ve used different versions of the Panavia family of cements for years. Panavia is an important part of my cementation arsenal. The latest version from Kuraray is Panavia V5, a dual-cure resin cement. I like this version because it is easy to use and it cleans up extremely well. In my practice, I find it is an excellent cement for cases that have Maryland bridges with zirconia wings. The kits contain two different primers. The Clearfil Ceramic Primer is used for lithium disilicate, zirconia, and composites. I use the Panavia V5 Primer in total-etch mode if there is enamel present. Otherwise I use the primer without etching the tooth. Studies show it also works well in the self-cure mode.

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