Inside Dentistry
December 2015
Volume 11, Issue 12

A Revolutionary New Paradigm for Static Mixing Tips

Cutting-edge D-Mixer design significantly reduces waste and cost

The D-Mixer series of dental material mixing tips is thoughtfully designed and manufactured with cutting-edge technology. With an ergonomic design that makes them very easy to use, D-Mixer tips provide improved reliability, effectiveness, accuracy, and safety to satisfy practitioners’ needs for a wide variety of clinical applications.

How D-Mixer Works

With D-Mixer’s unique design, the first and second dental materials mix in the connector before flowing into the mixing tip. Mixed in a 1:1/2:1 ratio, the dental materials move from the connector and reach the first element as six layers. Dental materials then agitate 12, 24, and 48 times each time they go through an element. This structure allows D-Mixer to make a complete mixture with only seven elements. Because only seven elements are required, the mixing tip’s length could be shortened. As a result, the dental materials residing in the mixing tip after use are reduced by approximately 48%.

The D-Mixer has five different sizes that can satisfy various clinical needs. The benefits of the D-Mixer include:
• Protection from leakage between the mixer and cartridge
• User-friendly design
• Perfect cross-mixing
• Optimal for high-viscosity compounds
• Compatibility with a two-component cartridge system
• Precise dosage—accurate application system

Clinical Applications and Use

The D-Mixer series can be used for impression and relining materials, bite registration material, temporary crown and bridge material, restorative materials (composites and glass ionomer cements), teeth whitening material, epoxy super glue, and other materials.

D-Mixer is very convenient. It can be connected from both sides regardless of the direction of the cartridge. The cutting-edge technology creates an even mixture, and reduces waste significantly, proving its optimal performance. The solid, transparent body creates a more elegant mixing tip design. D-Mixer is manufactured and distributed by DXM, and therefore has a lower price compared to its competitors.

Quality Meets Affordability

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Dentazon (DXM) Corporation

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