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Inside Dentistry
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 11

Finding the Right Practice Management Software

Three top reporting features offered in Eaglesoft

Damon Swenson, DMD

Figure 1 | Since implementing Eaglesoft into my practice, I have seen many benefits, but there are a few major efficiencies that stand out, including personalized charts, ease of integration, treatment plan costs, month-at-a-glance scheduling, and reporting features.

Spending time upfront to configure your chart pays off in the end. Everything I need to know about my patients is on one screen, saving me time and allowing me to focus more on my patients.

When I began looking at practice management systems, it was critical that the software integrate easily with Schick (Sirona, Eaglesoft and Schick integrated seamlessly, making our jobs much easier as all images are housed in one spot.

If your office takes the time upfront to input fees and schedules from insurance companies, you are able to provide a much more accurate quote to your patients. This feature is something that our patients have greatly appreciated because they feel more informed about benefits and costs of treatment. The month-at-a-glance tool allows your practice to set and track personalized goals. We are able to go into the system at any time to see where our practice is pacing in terms of our production goals, allowing us to better monitor our progress.

There are a number of different reports that allow doctors to have a better understanding of their practice. My top three are:

1. Procedures by Provider: This report allows our practice to view how many procedures we provide in a month, which procedures are most profitable, and where we are under treating. It also compares the production of my hygienists, so that I can provide additional training to them in targeted areas.

2. Provider Productivity: This report shows the total number of patient visits for a given time period, calculates the average production per visit, shows both the produced and collected dollar amounts for that time period, and shows any adjustments that were made.

3. Adjustment by Type: This report shows our practice’s insurance write-offs broken down by individual companies and how much we’ve written each month to different companies. If we run a promotion, it tracks the cost of offering the discount and how many referrals we received from existing patients.

There are many benefits of Eaglesoft. The Patterson support team takes the time to educate your practice on every system feature, allowing your practice to best utilize the software. Ultimately, this allows your practice to run as successfully as possibly.

Key Takeaways

  • Lowers overhead costs and increases profits
  • Increases case acceptance
  • Ability to find new revenue
  • Streamlines communication
  • Time-saving benefits

About the author

Damon Swenson, DMD, is the founder of CrossPointe Dental in Orem, Utah. He has been in solo practice for 15 years. He enjoys success in family practice, esthetic dentistry, and reconstructive dentistry. He earned his degree from the University of Kentucky.

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