Inside Dentistry
October 2015
Volume 11, Issue 10

DWIO Scanning System

A robust new system with intuitive features

Figure 1 | The Dental Wings Intraoral (DWIO) scanning system is a simple, robust, open solution for dentists who want to enjoy the benefits of a digital workflow with minimal effort and complexity. The design of DWIO fits into a common dental practice in a modular way, either as a stand-alone device transmitting to a laboratory or as part of a complete chairside solution including Dental Wings design software (DWOS CAD), and with a traditional milling machine or with the upcoming Dental Wings Laser Mill (DWLM).

Based on its innovative Multiscan Imaging™ technology, the DWIO system has the unique capability of capturing 3D data from multiple sides of the teeth or implant scan-bodies simultaneously, reducing the effort needed to capture difficult areas like interproximal surfaces and deep preparations. DWIO also allows for an efficient scanning process because it is not limited to a single linear field of view like all other intraoral scanning devices. Moreover, the scanning technology has no moving parts, no fragile optics, and is extremely compact, resulting in a handpiece design that is very similar to traditional dental handpieces in weight, form, and feel. These attributes make DWIO an intuitive tool for new users and second nature for those familiar with intraoral scanning.

In addition to the core functionality of creating accurate open 3D .STL files, DWIO has a number of other productivity enhancing attributes, such as “no-touch” gesture control to reduce the effort to clean the system between patients, a tablet-like user interface, and wireless networking to simplify file management and teleconferencing with the dentist’s laboratory or customer support. The system also provides feedback via a luminescent ring and audible signals to indicate when data is successfully captured, allowing the clinician to focus on the patient rather than the screen. In all, the complete DWIO solution is designed with the dentist’s patients, team, and practice in mind.

DWIO will go on sale in December 2015 in selected markets. For more information, please visit www.dentalwings.com, or call 1-514-807-8485.


  • Small handpiece very similar in size, shape, and weight to existing dental handpieces
  • Luminescent ring and audible signals indicate when data is being successfully captured
  • No moving parts, no complex illumination, or cooling system for easy maintenance
  • No-touch operation system

Video Resource

For a demonstration of DWIO from Dental Wings CEO Michael Rynerson, visit dentalaegis.com/go/id1116.

For more information, contact:

Dental Wings

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