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Inside Dentistry
August 2015
Volume 11, Issue 8

SciCan, Inc.

Today’s dental handpieces are nothing like the first generation of heavy, high-maintenance products—they are lightweight, easy to maintain, and provide exceptional torque, balance, and maneuverability for a wide range of applications.

SciCan has joined forces with the best dental handpiece engineers to develop a range of handpieces that utilize the finest quality components for optimal performance. Incorporating advanced technology, SciCan’s electric motors and attachments can transition almost any dental unit that operates air-driven handpieces into a fully functional unit with electric handpiece capabilities. The E-STATIS electric motor system comes equipped with the E-STATIS SLM (Short, LED, Micromotor) and partners with the SANAO line of electric attachments. Additionally STATMATIC automatically cares for and maintains up to three handpieces and their chuck mechanisms.


Easy on the hand, SciCan’s SANAO handpieces are ergonomic wonders. SANAO handpieces are perfectly balanced to reduce wrist strain, optimally miniaturized for maneuverability, and optionally equipped with glass rod fiber optics to illuminate the oral cavity. SciCan’s new line of SANAO handpieces offers innovation in every detail.

· HPS (Hygiene Protection System)—SciCan is known as “your infection control specialist” in the dental industry, and the SANAO line incorporates its Hygiene Protection System, an internal resin to help prevent material and debris from collecting inside the handpiece.

· Ergonomic—The SANAO line of handpieces has been engineered ergonomically, to reduce hand stress, offer optimal comfort in the hand, and provide maximum control in the oral cavity.

· Power—With a motor that produces up to 3.5 Ncm of torque, procedures will take less time, the preparations will be more precise, making the dentist more efficient overall.

E-STATIS® Motors

The E-STATIS system comes equipped with the E-STATIS SLM (Short, LED, Micromotor). The E-STATIS SLM is only 2.6” in length and weighs only 62 grams, making it one of the smallest electric motors in the dental industry. The touchscreen offers simple operation and is equipped with customizable settings for both high-speed and low-speed procedures. The E-STATIS systems are designed to offer flexibility for all general dental procedures. It has a 3-year warranty.

·Versatile—The E-STATIS system touchscreen is easily mountable remotely on the dental unit for a clean installation. This leaves valuable work surface space available for the dentist and assistant.

·Intuitive Touchscreen—The user-friendly touchscreen enables one-touch programming of the motor system. By the push of a single button, the dentist can go from using the system in high-speed crown and bridge work function to lower speed endodontic mode.

·Customizable—Speed and torque can be set with pin point accuracy for various gear ratio attachments that perform high-speed, low-speed, or endodontic procedures.


STATMATIC is the automatic care and maintenance system that accommodates up to three handpieces and their chuck mechanisms. STATMATIC optimizes working procedures in your practice and plays an important role in cleaning, protecting, and maintaining your valuable instruments. In a matter of seconds, handpieces are properly cleaned, lubricated, and purged prior to sterilization. It also features an integrating chuck cleaner.

· Fast—Cycle time is only 15 seconds per handpiece.

· Efficient—Automatically cleans, lubricates, and purges handpieces.

· 10-year warranty.

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