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Inside Dentistry
August 2015
Volume 11, Issue 8

BioCem Universal BioActive Cement

A promising new material that keeps its promises

Tony Daher, DDS, MSEd, FACP, FICD

Dentists are constantly introduced to new materials that promise to improve our patient outcomes, productivity, or profitability. The challenge is how to decide which ones are worth exploring.

For the past several months, I have been testing one new material that appears to keep its promises: BioCem Universal BioActive Cement from NuSmile. BioCem is a dual-cure hydrophilic bioactive cement that I have tested primarily with zirconia crowns, although it is also indicated for lithium disilicate and leucite glass ceramic crowns, as well as stainless steel crowns. 

What interested me about BioCem is its bioactivity as well as its relatively broad applicability. It releases phosphate and calcium as well as fluoride. In addition, NuSmile says that BioCem forms hydroxyapatite that is available to integrate with and replenish tooth structure, a claim that Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy at the University of Memphis has been working to independently validate via in vitro testing. BioCem is also biocompatible, with no BPA or BPA derivatives. The concept of a cement that remineralizes and is also biocompatible is very appealing to me, and seems to have a direct impact on the patient. Of the 36 crowns I have cemented with BioCem, no patient has reported any issues with sensitivity.

BioCem handles quite well. Its viscosity is that of a thin paste, but a little thicker than most cements I have used, so it does not drip or run, staying in place on the restoration until seated. With the light-activated tack cure, you can clean up margins quickly, just as you would with a dual-cure RMGI or resin cement. It self-sets in about 2 minutes, so you do have to be ready to place the restoration as soon as you have applied the cement. I especially like the short length auto-mix mixing tips, which result in less waste. I also like the fact that BioCem saves me steps, with no need to use a primer on zirconia crowns.

One of my first BioCem cases involved replacing a patient’s entire upper arch with individual zirconia crowns. The entire procedure took only 15 minutes. Recall visits indicate the marginal seal to be excellent. From what I have seen thus far, bond strength looks to be very good. Based on this and the results of patients I have treated over the past several months, it appears that BioCem truly is a rare new material that enhances my patient outcomes, as well as my productivity and profitability.

Key Takeaways

· Forms hydroxyapatite that is available to integrate with and replenish tooth structure
· No need for trituration or to use a primer on zirconia crowns
· Low-waste automix tips and fast cure for increased efficiency and ease of use
· Intended for use with zirconia, lithium disilicate, and leucite glass ceramic and stainless steel crowns
· Releases and recharges phosphate, calcium, and fluoride ions

About the Author

Tony Daher, DDS, MSEd, FACP, FICD, is the former director of the advanced prosthodontic program at Loma Linda University, where he is currently associate professor of prosthodontics. The author of numerous scientific and clinical articles and an international lecturer on the subject of prosthodontics, Dr. Daher also maintains a private practice in LaVerne, California, focused on prosthodontics and implant dentistry.

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