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Inside Dentistry
July 2015
Volume 11, Issue 7

Automatic Dose Control (ADC) in CBCT

Instrumentarium Dental and ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300 Maxio take imaging to a new level

›Instrumentarium Dental’s ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300 Maxio establishes its value to the dental practice by providing all the popular ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ product features clinicians have come to expect—such as complete versatility through its 3-in-1 platform and industry-leading image quality—while also demonstrating a commitment to innovation through new features such as Automatic Dose Control (ADC) for panoramic modality and now ADC for all 3D fields of view.

With user-selectable proprietary 3D ADC software, patient-specific exposure settings are obtained automatically, providing the dentist with the best images available at the lowest needed radiation dose to the patient. True penetration is measured for each patient, and exposure values are adjusted automatically based on these individual measurements, offering personalized care and mindful dosing.

The ADC feature is a corollary to OP300 Maxio’s Low Dose Technology™ (LDT), which provides quality-optimized images with a very low dose across all fields of view. As a result, LDT is ideal for dose-sensitive applications such as pediatric patients, follow-up imaging, or implant planning. All of these cases may be assessed with low radiation dosage while still maintaining clinical value.

With this dual commitment to imaging excellence and responsible radiation, dentists no longer need to compromise between image quality and patient safety.

The name ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH has stood for reliability and clinically excellent maxillofacial imaging for half a decade. OP300 Maxio crystallizes the 50-year heritage of this renowned product family. It is simply the most comprehensive 3-in-1 platform for maximum imaging capacity for entire maxillofacial region.


· Crystal-clear CBCT images

· Automatically set, patient-specific exposure values

· User-friendly workflow

· 3-in-1 platform

· Low Dose Technology across all fields of view

Video Resource

View a video testimonial from Dr. Michael Costello discussing the OP300 Maxio’s role in increased case acceptance at

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