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Inside Dentistry
July 2014
Volume 10, Issue 7


A state-of-the-art imaging solution

Instrumentarium Dental™, a pioneer in panoramic technology for more than 50 years, recently introduced the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP300 Maxio, the company’s most advanced imaging system. Designed with optimal patient care and clinicians’ needs in mind, this revolutionary extra-oral system delivers accurate imaging and predictable outcomes without using high levels of radiation.

Low Dose Technology

When it comes to patient safety, best practices in imaging means ensuring that the lowest possible radiation dose is used to obtain diagnostic images. To address this need, OP300 Maxio uses Low Dose Technology™ to deliver clinically rich scans at a drastically reduced radiation dose. In fact, OP300 Maxio delivers quality-optimized 3-dimensional (3D) scans at a radiation dose up to 5 times lower than a typical 2-dimensional (2D) panoramic image (Ludlow JB, OP300 Maxio Dosimetry Report, April 2014). This makes OP300 Maxio ideal for pediatric patients, implant planning, or follow-up imaging, among other indications.

Expanded Field-of-View

To ensure successful diagnostics and maximize efficiency, clinicians need an imaging system that captures the right image the first time. In support of that requirement, OP300 Maxio allows the operator to choose a Region of Interest for scanning with complete freedom in positioning. In addition, OP300 Maxio’s five field-of-view (FOV) sizes offer unparalleled versatility. Ranging from 5x5 cm to 13x15 cm, these FOV options allow for targeted scans of a small area or complete diagnostic imaging of the entire maxillofacial region.

Another key feature, Automated Dose Control™, enables OP300 Maxio to deliver highly consistent and repeatable 2D images. User-selectable Automatic Dose Control is a stress-free, patented technology that adaptively regulates panoramic exposure levels to individual patients during every image acquisition. Together with the panoramic multilayer feature, Automatic Dose Control minimizes the need for retakes.

Enhanced Software

Once scans are captured and the best possible clinical information is obtained, clinicians can execute appropriate and successful treatment planning. Easy to use yet extremely powerful, OP300 Maxio’s new Invivo 5.3 3D imaging software is an invaluable asset in this process. The software includes state-of-the-art technology that allows a clinician to combine digital impressions and cone-beam computed tomography scans for a more complete picture when treatment planning. With Invivo 5.3’s implant planning tool, implant selection and placement is seamless, facilitating an efficient and accurate workflow.


With OP300 Maxio, Instrumentarium continues to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for contemporary dental imaging needs. Patients benefit from decreased levels of radiation exposure. For practitioners, the advantages of the OP300 Maxio include the high level of accuracy and efficiency it provides through the entire process, from scanning and diagnosis to treatment planning and execution. With OP300 Maxio, obtaining successful and predictable outcomes is a clinical reality.

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