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Inside Dentistry
January 2015
Volume 11, Issue 1

Marketplace Burs/Diamonds

DuraBraze® Diamond

Brasseler USA® is pleased to introduce DuraBraze diamond instruments, the next generation in crown and bridge preparation technology. The main issue during preparation has been cutting degradation resulting from either the premature detachment of diamond crystals or the clogging of the diamond matrix by debris. The new DuraBraze diamonds feature a patented new SpotBrazing™ process which creates advanced self-cleaning channels and significantly smoother cutting performance. More open spacing and consistent cutting edges help reduce clogging, maximize precision, and improve cutting efficiency. DuraBraze diamonds use the latest in cutting technology, offering highly predictable outcomes. Contact your Brasseler USA rep today for more information.


• Natural self-cleaning channels for minimal clogging
• Additional crystals sharing the cutting for higher performance
• More precise shapes

Peter Brasseler Series™ Diamonds

Brasseler USA

The Peter Brasseler Series Diamonds are manufactured by means of a proprietary diamond selection and bonding process, adhering to extremely tight quality-assurance tolerances. Sharp-edge diamond particles provide cool operating performance and longevity. The uniform grit sizes of each diamond particle optimizes cutting efficiency and smoothness.

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