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Inside Dentistry
February 2016
Volume 12, Issue 2

Your Armamentarium


DuraBraze crown and bridge preparation diamond includes SpotBrazing™ technology to improve bonding and spacing of diamond crystals on the instrument. Key features include advanced self-cleaning channels so debris is easily removed and clogging is minimal, with smoother performance and less vibration during bulk reduction.


Zir-MAX.Meesthetic monolithic zirconia anterior restorations offer 680 MPa flexural strength for perfect anterior restorations. With significantly more translucency than other full zirconia, Zir-MAX.Meesthetic rivals pressed ceramics by offering the best balance between esthetics and durability of any zirconia restoration available.

Prime & Bond Elect®

Prime & Bond Elect is a reliable universal adhesive that offers consistently high bond strengths; virtually no postoperative sensitivity, including Class II, Class IV, and Crown cases; and extremely low film thickness for any etching technique, including selective-, self-, and total-etch.

Luxator® LX

The Luxator LX mechanical periotome offers improved safety, precision, and access. With a reciprocating tip in a vertical direction, the Luxator LX secures cutting of the Sharpey’s fibers in a patient-friendly way. Its self-directing tip allows the periotome tip to follow the root surface, reducing the risk of bone damage.

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