Inside Dentistry
July 2014
Volume 10, Issue 7

Super-Snap® X-Treme Polishing Disks

Helping ensure patient satisfaction and produce beautiful restorations

Super-Snap® finishing and polishing disks are widely recognized and used in universal dental offices. The four-step, color-coded disk system is designed for easy, fast, and safe contouring, finishing, and polishing of all micro-filled and nano-hybrid composites.

Super-Snap disks feature an elastic silicone shank mount for easy placement onto the mandrel. They are manufactured without a metal center to eliminate the risk of gouging or discoloration of the composite and increase the stability of the disk during polishing. Disks are double sided and disposable to eliminate risk of cross contamination.

The new Super-Snap® X-Treme polishing disks represent the next generation of Super-Snap red (fine) and green (superfine) polishing disks. Super-Snap X-Treme disks provide an enhanced tactile feel and flexibility due to their increased thickness, resulting in greater durability. The red X-Treme disk was engineered with an innovative three-dimensional (3D) semispherical grit technology inspired by the semi-conductor industry to offer greater gloss results.

Advanced 3D Technology

The 3D design of the aluminum oxide grits allows space to discharge debris while polishing to maintain a smooth disk surface, resulting in prolonged use due to less clogging. Fewer secondary scratches occur as well as a reduction in heat generation that could denature the material. The advanced technology, featured on the red X-Treme disk, produces an esthetic, glossy restoration to meet patients’ increasingly high expectations.

X-Tra Thickness

Super-Snap X-Treme red and green disks are double the thickness of the original Super-Snap disks, increasing from 50 to 100 µm. The X-Tra thickness improves stiffness and durability while also maintaining flexibility in interproximal areas. Greater force can be applied when polishing composite with the thicker Super-Snap X-Treme disks, further contributing to the greater gloss result.


Super-Snap X-Treme disks can be used with the original black (coarse) and violet (medium) Super-Snap disks to create a complete four-step system, or used exclusively as a two-step if the restoration is minimal and requires little contouring or finishing. Regardless the number of steps, the longer-lasting Super-Snap X-Treme disks are sure to shorten chair time and increase patient satisfaction.

The new Super-Snap X-Treme polishing disks are available in standard (12-mm) or mini (8-mm) sizes within a 100-piece kit, including both red and green X-Treme disks, or as 50-count individual disk refills. Sug­gested retail price per kit is $47.60 and disk refills are $25.05, available through your preferred dealer.

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