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Inside Dentistry
March 2012
Volume 8, Issue 3

Tap-On™ Technology

Cavitron® Systems introduces its new ultrasonic scaling unit.

More and more dental professionals are using ultrasonic instrumentation as their primary means of instrumentation. To meet the evolving needs of the clinician, DENTSPLY Professional, the company that pioneered ultrasonic scaling technology, introduces the new Cavitron® Plus and Cavitron® JET Plus units with Tap-On™ Technology (Figure 1) redesigned with ergonomics and performance in mind.

From a clinician’s perspective, the innovative Tap-On™ Technology is designed to reduce leg and ankle discomfort associated with continued foot pedal use. With just a quick tap on the wireless Tap-On foot pedal (Figure 2), the unit activates and remains active until the foot pedal is tapped a second time. As a result, the clinician’s foot remains off the foot pedal in a neutral, relaxed position during the scaling procedure. No longer does the clinician need to keep a foot on the foot pedal when scaling.

The new Prophy Mode Auto Cycles (Figure 3) on the Cavitron® JET Plus system automatically cycle between air polishing and rinse, eliminating the need to constantly touch the pedal to change from water spray to the air/water/powder slurry. Clinicians can easily select the prophy cycles time they prefer—none, short, medium, or long. This feature allows the clinician to individualize each patient’s treatment based on the level of deposit to be removed. Many clinicians prefer air-polishing because it is less abrasive to enamel than traditional prophy paste. The New Tap-On™ Technology and Prophy Mode Auto Cycles are designed to improve efficiency and reduce hygienist leg strain. No longer does the clinician need to keep a foot on the foot pedal when air polishing.

Improvements also have been made to the water control features on the unit. The new finer water control allows for more precise adjustment of the water flow. This aids the clinician in establishing optimum water flow and water spray patterns for each individual patient, contributing the unique ultrasonic benefits of cavitation and acoustic microstreaming. The convenient location of the water control on the base of the handpiece allows the clinician to adjust the water without turning away from the patient. Using the numbers on the handpiece, the clinician can easily adjust the water control to their preferred setting.

An additional “Turbo” power option offers up to 25% more clinical power than normal power mode. To activate this mode, the clinician simply presses a button on the control panel. Additionally, hands-free activation of the boost mode is available by simply pressing the foot pedal to the floor. Boost mode provides a temporary increase in power and allows the clinician to easily and efficiently move from lower power settings traditionally used for biofilm and light deposit removal, to higher power settings for removal of more tenacious, larger deposits. Boost mode is designed as a short power boost, while the new Turbo mode is designed for occasions that require a sustained power increase.

Additional features of the units include an autoclavable handpiece, Cavitron’s patented BlueZone™ technology and convenient single-push purge mode. The purge feature is a self-timed 2-minute water purge, easily activated by pressing the button on the front of the unit. This feature saves the time for the clinician by eliminating the need to press on the foot pedal for 2 minutes to purge the water line.

The handpiece is easily removed for easy sterilization, allowing for increased infection control during clinical procedures by reducing the risk of cross-contamination. BlueZone™ technology provides an extended low power range for improved patient comfort when subgingivally scaling.

All of these enhanced features are built into a unit with a new look that has clean lines and more intuitive interface designs. The illuminated diagnostic display is designed to be easy for the clinician to read and navigate. A smooth, clean, front surface design is esthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. The new, ergonomically inspired innovative technologies incorporated into the Cavitron® Plus and Cavitron® JET Plus with Tap-On™ Technology, and their associated advantages, provide the clinician with enhanced and improved options for ultrasonic instrumentation.

For more information, contact:

DENTSPLY Professional
Phone: 800-989-8826


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