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Inside Dentistry
June 2015
Volume 11, Issue 6


Integra™ Ultrasonic Scaler

Parkell, Inc.

A “smarter” scaler that’s designed to free up the operator to focus on the patient, the Integra provides total control of scaling power from the foot pedal.

Seven discrete power settings give you plenty of scaling mode options. Two low-power settings ensure patient comfort during recare visits, three mid-range levels for conventional scaling, and two enhanced, higher-power settings for serious calculus removal.

Designed to address today’s infection-control concerns, the unit features an easy-to-clean waterproof membrane control panel that resists all standard disinfectants and autoclavable handpiece sheaths.

When it comes to preventive/prophylaxis products, Parkell has always stayed attuned to the needs of the oral hygiene community. By staying proactive to industry trends, Parkell can offer you the most modern and effective products on the market.


· Foot pedal for hands-free power adjustments
· Seven discrete power settings
· Two removable fluid reservoirs
· Built-in pump digitally controls the rate of irrigant delivery
· Easy-to-clean waterproof membrane control panel
· Digital control of power and water flow
· Turns itself off after a period of non-use

Engineered for maximum versatility, watch the Integra Ultrasonic Scaler in action.

Ultrawave™ XS

Ultradent Products, Inc.

Featuring intuitive Reflex™ technology, this piezo ultrasonic device is gentle on tooth surfaces and powerful enough to remove the toughest calculus.

Cavitron Plus with Tap-On Technology

DENTSPLY Professional

With Tap-On Technology, a single tap activates scaling, reducing leg and ankle discomfort from continued pedal usage.

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