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Inside Dentistry
February 2011
Volume 7, Issue 2

G-aenial™ Universal Flo

A user-friendly, esthetic flowable composite restorative.

The placement of natural-looking direct restorations can be performed with a number of materials, including several types of composites and resin-modified glass-ionomer cements. As many researchers have agreed, there is a place in dentistry for both of these materials, and often there are benefits when they are used in conjunction, such as the sandwich technique (layering composite over glass-ionomer or resin-modified glass-ionomer cements). Clinically, the clinician desires a user-friendly material that is quick and easy to place; provides a solid restoration sufficiently strong to resist the forces and loads to which it will be subjected; has low volumetric shrinkage and shrinkage stress; resists abrasive wear; is easy to polish and maintains its polish; and is esthetically pleasing to the patient.

Flowable composites offer the potential advantage of being faster to place than packable and universal composites. Unfortunately, until recently, they also had significant disadvantages and were typically only suitable for use under packable composites (as a base or a liner) or for small anterior restorations. They usually did not offer sufficient strength or esthetics to be used as a stand-alone composite and could be difficult to handle. Now, an innovative easy-to-handle flowable composite is available that the clinician ca n use to place traditional composite restorations as well as sandwich-technique restorations.

G-aenial™ Universal Flo from GC America is an amorphous nanohybrid flowable composite that is unique in its category. Newly introduced, it offers superior strength, handling, and esthetics, and combines many of the benefits of flowable and non-flowable composites. Its innovative filler chemistry consists of 200-nm strontium glass particles that are silanated using a new proprietary technology, are highly dispersed, and have a low refractive index. Compared to the average flowable composite, it has a significantly higher flexural strength due to the amorphous filler particles, as well as lower volumetric shrinkage and lower shrinkage stress—physical characteristics that make it suitable for anterior and posterior restorations.

GC America’s G-aenial Universal Flo is also easy to handle, with a high viscosity and excellent flow characteristics. In addition to optimal flow into the contours of preparation walls, this material stays where it is placed, stacks well in Class V preparations, and is easy to contour. Other attributes of G-aenial Universal Flo include the new syringe design that makes easy, ergonomic placement of flowable composite a reality. Features of this syringe include the ergonomically designed arched end and rectangular flange that together provide for an easy grip and comfortable fit. The long nozzle, with its tapered tip, simplifies and speeds up accurate direct placement into the preparation area, without obstructing visibility. Additionally, the design of the syringe and tip mechanism significantly reduces the amount of waste material left in the syringe. The end result is a homogenous restoration without the inclusion of voids within the composite or between the material and the preparation wall.

The exceptionally high wear resistance of G-aenial Universal Flo, measured in a three-body wear test at 3 µm compared to 68.18 µm for an average flowable composite, is the result of the amorphous nanofillers. A high polish is achieved in one easy step, requires a minimal amount of time, and is easy to maintain with daily toothbrushing. Clinically, this flowable composite meets patient demands for esthetics as well as the need for strength, durability, and polishability for anterior and posterior restorations. Available in shades to suit all situations, G-aenial Universal Flo can be used as a single-shade restorative material or for an esthetic multi-shade layering technique (Figure 1 through Figure 3).


Many packable and flowable composite options exist for the placement of direct restorations. G-aenial Universal Flo has a unique chemistry with significant benefits over typical flowable composites and is formulated to provide superior esthetics, strength, handling, and quick and easy placement.


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