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Inside Dentistry
January 2010
Volume 6, Issue 1

AMD Lasers

Company introduces the Picasso line of soft tissue lasers.

Lasers are not new. In fact, all dental lasers had their beginnings as something else in some other industry. There are many types of lasers in the world and each laser wavelength has its own affinity for its target tissue. One laser cannot do it all. If you visit a cosmetic/plastic surgeons’ office, you will get a chance to see an entire line of lasers that all have their own particular use. Comparatively, in dentistry we have only a few—those for hard tissue and those for soft tissue.

We are going into a whole new era in which lasers are becoming commonplace in dentistry. As you read this you will become among the first to learn about AMD Lasers ’ new product, Picasso Lite, a laser to replace scalpels and electrosurge, a laser so simple that anyone can use it. Picasso Lite has three easy-to-use buttons (speed, comfort, decontamination); 2.5 W of power; and is the first laser to use either fibers or disposable tips.

The original Picasso is great for the cosmetic dentist, oral surgeon, or someone who likes “high end” products with all of the bells and whistles. Picasso has 7 W of power so extra power is there when you want to cut fast. Additionally, 7 W is needed to use the included bleaching handpiece, giving this laser all four major applications: surgery, periodontal treatment, endo treatment, and bleaching. The power range is 0.1 W to 7 W and pulsed/interval mode ranges from 0.20 ms to 9.9 seconds. Picasso is a great choice for a complete laser office.

The Picasso Lite (Figure 1, Figure 2) is great for every dentist and hygienist. Very simple to use right out of the box, it has only three easy-to-understand presets with pictures right on the buttons: speed (the top button with the rabbit running), comfort (the button with the happy face), and decontamination (the button with the universal sterilization symbol). Picasso Lite has 2.5 W of power, a simple aiming beam, sound-control adjustment buttons (the buttons with the light bulb and speaker), and has a standard 2-year warranty. Each preset can also be customized for power. Picasso Lite is ideal for troughing, gingivectomies, uncovering implants, orthodontic brackets or teeth, aphthous ulcers/canker sores, and pocket decontamination. The power range is 0.1 W to 2.5 W and it also has a pulsed mode.

Picasso and Picasso Lite come standard with a luggage-quality carrying case, laser goggles, accessories, quick set-up reference guide, manual, and set-up and laser-certification training DVD. Both also come with a choice of delivery systems. Choice one is a 3-meter fiber that requires stripping and cleaving. They last about a year and get shorter with each use. The advantage of this type of fiber is low cost. The other choice is a delivery system that uses disposable tips. Each tip is single-use and covers the handpiece and is great from a convenience standpoint.

AMD lasers supports all clients directly. Laser education, courses, and certification are provided by the International Center of Laser Education.

This article was written by Alan Miller, president and CEO of AMD Lasers.

For more information, contact:
AMD Lasers, LLC
Phone: 866-999-2635 or 317-202-9530


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