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VideaHealth Delivers 80% Improvement in True Pediatric Caries Identification with First and Only FDA-cleared Dental AI Pediatric Algorithm

Posted on Thursday, February 8, 2024

Consumer survey shows more than 60% more likely to accept treatment when aware of dental AI

VideaHealth, the leading dental artificial intelligence (AI) platform, announced new capabilities that enable pediatric dental clinicians across the country to offer their patients, and parents of patients, a significantly higher standard of care. With the only FDA-cleared pediatric dental AI capabilities of its kind, data shows that VideaAI offers an 80% improvement in true pediatric caries identification, while achieving an overall clinically beneficial detection rate.

Florian Hillen, CEO, VideaHealth, said, "Dental decay is the most significant unmet health treatment need among young people. And, because our mission is to support dental clinicians with the best possible dental AI for their patients, pediatrics cannot be overlooked. We're thrilled to announce this massive leap forward in driving more accurate diagnoses, thereby enabling pediatric dentists to spend extra time on comfort and patient management, knowing that their diagnosis will be validated."

This is the first and only FDA-cleared dental AI pediatric algorithm on the market.

VideaAI includes AI detection capabilities for pediatric caries detection for ages three years and older as well as many other AI models that allow for subtle detections across many ages. Particular impact is noted when identifying possible diseases in mixed dentition, overcoming one of the largest diagnostic challenges facing pediatric dentists. The most significant address attrition/grinding as well as broken/chipped teeth, which are the most frequent and troublesome dental issues for children 3+, as well as Dens Invaginatus and Widened periodontal ligament. For pediatric patients 12+ there are AI detections for calculus as well.

Consumer data suggests that Americans are eager for dental AI to be used in their care. Newly released data highlights parents' attitudes and behaviors related to dental care. It confirm that children's dental care is the top oral health priority for parents, exceeding even their own dental care needs. Nearly 75% of parents take their children to the dentist at least two times a year. Moreover, parents show more than 60% are more likely to take a dentist's recommendation after learning how AI can help.

Hillen concluded, "The benefit of dental AI doesn't stop at the point of diagnosis. Just as importantly, VideaAI helps to build trust with parents. Our precise and easily understood visual representation can be shared with parents as a part of the patient education process and when discussing treatment recommendations."

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