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Carbon and Desktop Health Join Forces in Consortium with Diverse and Trusted Pillars of the Oral Health Industry to Advance the Adoption of Innovative Digital Dentistry Applications

Posted on Thursday, February 22, 2024

The group looks to further drive digital transformation in the dental industry to enhance patient care

Carbon, a leading product development and manufacturing technology company, today announced that it is partnering with Heartland Dental, Desktop Health™, an industry-leading dental technology innovator, and Dr. Robert Mongrain. The consortium’s goal is to unite their perspectives to focus on enhancing patient outcomes by creating streamlined workflows for digitally designed removable denture appliances.

The dental industry is undergoing a historic and exciting digital transformation as it leads industries of all types into the digital era. Technological advancements, particularly in the additive manufacturing space, are enabling more efficient and predictable dental restorations for greater patient outcomes and care. Collaboration like this within the dental community can more effectively leverage industry-leading innovations for the highest standard of patient care.

“We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Heartland Dental and Desktop Health to create the best possible outcomes for patients across the country,” said Terri Capriolo, Senior Vice President, Oral Health at Carbon. “Through this collaboration between Heartland, Carbon, and Desktop Health as well as that of a leading group of technologically-advanced dental laboratories, the dental community is embarking on an effort to enhance dynamic digital denture workflows, creating the first standardized cross-organizational, proven workflow integration to elevate the standard of care.“

This dental community partnership will aim to eliminate inefficiencies that may exist in current silo-based workflows and create fully-validated, cross-organizational work streams to bring to market more predictable and higher-quality dental restorations. “Desktop Health is committed to empowering laboratory and clinical partners with best-in-class digital workflows, working in conjunction with world-class dental community partners to fabricate beautiful, functional dental prosthetics with ceramic-like strength and life-like beauty using our full suite of FDA-approved Flexcera™ materials,” said Lou Azzara President of Desktop Health

“Our doctors’ experience with the digital denture workflow showed us that there was a significant opportunity to lead a process to help organize and standardize a digital denture workflow for the industry,” said Dr. Mongrain. “Utilizing our scale and ability to collaborate with our vendor partners we are supporting the development of consistent scalable workflows that can be shared with our Diamond Trusted Lab partners and across the lab industry.”

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