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Mid America Dental Sales Releases X4 Handheld X-ray Device

Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Mid America Dental Sales, Inc., (MADS) a master distributor of technology devices to the dental dealer channels, is proud to introduce their just released X4 Handheld X-ray device. The X4 utilizes a Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) X-ray tube, and an all-digital controller to produce a device that is Smart, Efficient, and Very Light Weight. The CNT tube technology leapfrogs the older analog, filament vacuum X-ray tubes, which haven’t changed their design, or operation in over 50 years. The X4 produces a fixed 70kV/ 2mA beam with a 0.4 mm Focal spot that produces great X-rays all the time.

The X4, weighs just 4lbs, and that includes the protective scatter shield that exceeds over 0.5mm Pb (lead equivalency) to assure maximum user protection.

At just 4lbs, the X4 can be easily positioned without causing excessive arm fatigue, as other, heavier units often do. The X4 is perfect for one handed use. Great for those offices performing implants, sedation dentistry, Pediatrics, and special needs patients.

The All-Digital X4 is so efficient that it can get up to 800 images per charge from a battery nearly half the size of most of its competitors. Try it out for yourself. Ask your local authorized MADS dealer for a demo.

For further information, please contact Mid America Dental sales, Inc, at 888-629-6646, or visit


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