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Henry Schein One Partners with 42 North Dental to Drive Innovation with Cloud Technology and AI Diagnostics

Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2024

Best-in-class one-platform approach sets standard of care throughout the patient journey for 100+ practices

Henry Schein One today announced that 42 North Dental is implementing the full range of the company’s cloud-based platform including Dentrix Ascend, Jarvis Analytics, TechCentral and its AI-enabled X-ray analysis tool, Detect AI, powered and manufactured by VideaHealth.

42 North Dental, a dental support organization based in the Boston area, continues to implement the Henry Schein One platform across its more than 100 practices to create a scalable experience for their clinicians and patients.

Dentrix Ascend streamlines workflows with its intuitive interface and cloud-based flexibility. The technology can scale to accommodate 42 North Dental’s dynamic growth, while seamlessly integrating Detect AI into the platform. An FDA-approved study by VideaHealth revealed a 43% decrease in missed caries diagnoses by dentists utilizing the AI-powered system. The study also documented a 15% reduction in false positives, suggesting a substantial improvement in diagnostic accuracy and the potential for optimal treatment plans for all patients.

“Together with 42 North Dental, we're raising the standard of care for patients, empowering practices to deliver exceptional, personalized experiences through cutting-edge technology,” said Alan Rencher, Chief Technology Officer, Henry Schein One. “We're not just streamlining practice management – we're partnering with our customers to achieve their vision and become essential health accelerators, driving positive change within the dental industry.”

The decision to partner with Henry Schein One by 42 North Dental's clinical management team, field operations, and support staff leaders reflects their commitment to innovation. The platform's effectiveness, coupled with Henry Schein One's world-class implementation and support, solidified Dentrix Ascend and Detect AI as the clear choice for empowering 42 North Dental's supported practices and their teams to deliver personalized, exceptional care.

“At 42 North Dental, we’re committed to continually raising the bar for what’s possible in the practice of dentistry by delivering healthy, confident smiles for life,” said Michael Scialabba, DDS, Chief Clinical Officer of 42 North Dental. “This new technology aligns perfectly with our mission and empowers our teams to enhance the patient experience.”

With this transformative step, 42 North Dental sets a new standard for its patient-centric dentistry, proving that innovation truly delivers healthy smiles for life.

Henry Schein One Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer Ali Hyatt will participate in a panel at the Yankee Dental Congress in Boston on Jan. 25, 2024, alongside leaders from 42 North Dental and VideaHealth. The session, titled "AI in Practice: The Future is Now," will be moderated by 42 North Dental's Dr. Scialabba from 2-4 p.m. Eastern time. Additional panelists include VideaHealth Founder and CEO Florian Hillen and 42 North Dental's Stephanie Payne, DDS.

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